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Everything You Need To Know About Intelligent Test Automation

Intelligent Test Automation (ITA) is a software testing method that uses AI algorithms to believe the scripts and make the automation more robust and robust in analysis to enable better deboggage and more effective decision-making, among other things. Why Teams Adopt Intelligent Test Automation Less Busywork Software testing keeps teams on their toes, from writing […]

How We Are Using AI In Test Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) in test mechanization is the newest trend in quality assurance. Unfortunately, testing in general, and test automation in particular, seems to have caught the “everything is better with AI” bug. With AI, machine learning, and neural networks all the rage, it is perhaps inevitable that AI will somehow find its way into […]

Top 10 Skills Required For Software Developer In 2023

The World of software development skills is constantly changing. For this reason, it’s crucial to keep up to date with all new tools, languages, and trends as they emerge. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most crucial skills required for software developer in 2023. 1. Containerization Containerization is the process […]

What Is Smart Test Automation Framework And Its Features

“Intelligent” is a commonly used word. And the meaning we most often associate with it is “intelligence” or “sharpness”. When someone shows us how to do something better, we call it brilliant. Similarly, the name Smart is often added to a tool when it allows us to do a task as well as a standard […]

Definition & Elements Of Search Verticals

Although they emerged at about the same time as Internet search engines, search verticals are still largely unknown to the general public. Anyway, the truth is that this concept refers to the different search areas that are present in search engines (e.g. ” books “, “news”, ” images “, or “web” in the case of […]

Best Video Chat API & Conferencing APIs & SDKs for 2023

Do you want to integrate a secure video chat API for your application and Web? They are rated and reviewed as the best video calling and conferencing software, APIs, and SDKs based on HD quality, security, video chat features, network bandwidth, integrations, pricing, support, technology, and the latest online video conferencing market research report of […]

Everything About Android App Development Cost In India

One of the most modern and widely used technologies today is Android. The popularity of the Android platform has exploded over the past few decades due to technological improvements. Want to learn more about android app development cost in india? Learn all the essential information about Android app development by reading this article. There are […]

The Complete Guide About Mobile App Development with Python

Is Python a popular programming language ​​for mobile apps? How does Python compare to Swift, Kotlin, or JavaScript when building mobile apps? This tutorial explains the mobile app development of Python applications. Python is secondhand in research, technology, education, web development, etc. Here’s an introduction to Python and why developers love it. Python Basics: A […]

How To Edit Photos For Instagram Business

E-commerce is a very competitive industry. Companies must overcome many challenges to assert themselves in this area. In this competition, some retailers are aloof because they need help getting the sales they want. It is due to the need for them to understand this sector. You need to develop a data-driven marketing plan to increase […]

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