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Physical Memory Dumped

Physical Memory Dumped Error: Whether you are using an old computer or a new one, at some point, you will see this “physical memory dumped error” appearing on your computer screen. This error may have occurred while installing windows and software or playing games, or maybe between some of your important processing jobs.

Sometimes you will see this error, and your computer will restart, and occasionally this error will freeze your screen until you shut down or restart your computer. I know this is annoying, and the main reason I created this tutorial is to show you how to easily remove this physical memory error & blue screen dump error from your computer.

Here’s what your physical memory dump error looks like –

  • “Crash dump collection data
  • Initializing hard drive for a crash report
  • Starting the physical memory dump
  • Dumping from physical memory to 100.”

” Dumped Physical Memory” is a BSOD or, I can say, Blue Screen of Death Error, and you know what, there are various reasons why you are getting this error on your computer. You can check all the reasons as mentioned below also in this article.

The main thing I wanted to clarify about this physical dump error is that this blue screen error is not like other BSODs because, with this error, there is a possibility that your computer problem is related to your PC’s RAM (memory). There is about a 20% chance that your RAM is also defective and that you will need to replace it to fix your desktop or laptop.

But I think you don’t have to worry as this error is also 80% related to corruption of your Windows or Windows drivers, and the best part is that with this possibility of 20% bad RAM, about 18% of bad RAM can be repaired. Quite a good right !! All you do is go through the below guidelines, and you will fix your computer yourself.

Here is the list of possible reasons why you are getting this error on your computer screen, and they are:

  • Windows damage
  • Registry has been damaged
  • Windows drivers are outdated or damaged
  • RAM is defective
  • BIOS has been corrupted (rare case)

As you now know, there are five possible reasons why you are getting this BSOD dump. The point is, I really don’t know which of the reasons is causing the problem on your computer and that is why you need to follow along and try a certain many of the possible troubleshooting steps on your computer that I am going to show you in this tutorial. I know for sure that there is one that can help you with this problem as well as the computer among all these solutions.

All you need to do is go through each step that I have suggested below until you have solved this problem on your own.

Checkup 1 – Repair and Update Windows, Registry, and Drivers

As mentioned earlier, it is 80% possible that this problem is related to your Windows operating system. Most of the time, a corrupted Windows registry or a corrupted driver is the leading cause of this problem. Repairing your Windows registry, drivers, or other critical operating system files is a simple task. All you need to do is go through the solutions listed below.

Just follow all of the advanced solutions I’ve listed in this article except for reinstalling Windows and returning if none of these solutions work for you. And don’t reinstall Windows without passing the RAM test that I also suggest in the second review of this article that you are reading right now.

Checkup 2 – Troubleshoot and fix RAM issues

If all of the solutions listed in this link that I suggest do not work for you, it may be possible that your computer’s RAM is not working correctly. The main reason for such a problem with RAM is the high RAM usage by your operating system, or it could also be possible that the RAM slot on your motherboard is dirty, creating a loose connection between your RAM and your motherboard.

So now you need to follow the other link and test your computer’s RAM to see if it works fine or not. If your RAM failed the test, you could also try cleaning your computer’s RAM with an eraser and the RAM slot with a soft toothbrush.

But If you have 2 RAMs installed on your computer and the RAM test gives you an error, you can try removing RAM from your computer and rerun the RAM test. If this fails, rerun the RAM test with the other RAM. You can also try changing the Ram slot.

Checkup 3 – Look for your memory dump error

Before you change your memory, I would like to do one more thing for your computer. Do thorough internet research for your dump error message. I am suggesting this because this physical memory dump error is a BSOD and each BSOD error has its error code. If you are looking for this error code on the internet, you can easily find out what is causing this problem via what I am suggesting.

The error code seems to look like the following sample image, and if you can’t find anything useful, you can also try reinstalling Windows on your computer before swapping out your RAM.

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