Best 11 Amazon Flex Tips and Tricks to Get More Money

Best 11 Amazon Flex Tips and Tricks to Get More Money

Best 11 Amazon Flex Tips and Tricks to Get More Money

Without tips or other compensation, you may expect to make between $18 and $25 for every on-time Amazon Flex delivery. The real profits may surpass this ceiling depending on how quickly you accomplish the allocated deliveries, your location, and other variables. By using the few practical Amazon flex tips that are provided below, you may increase your earnings:

  1. 1.Properly arrange the packages

Amazon ensures that you put the products onto your delivery vehicle or truck systematically at the pickup warehouse. To find out where the package is delivered, look at its codes.

Now arrange them in your car according to the addresses, in descending order. You must load the car from the end of the trailer with the last-to-be-delivered packages.

The initial stop’s package delivery should be made to the door end of your vehicle’s trailer. As a result, it will be simple for you to unload the products swiftly at each stop.

  1. 2.Collect your cashback for gas.

Gas is one of the largest costs for Amazon Flex drivers to complete their delivery jobs. Most newbies are unaware that Amazon offers rewards on gas refills. Install the “GetUpside” app to receive money on each refill.

3.Maintain a log of your cumulative spending and distance.

You become an independent contractor through Amazon Flex, for which you are responsible for all costs. Therefore, you will eventually lose money in tax deductions if you do not keep track of these expenses.  A tax calculator is a great tool to have handy for deciphering your tax situation.

After one year with the company, you must comply with Amazon Flex and pay quarterly taxes. You can earn some tax deductions later in the year by keeping track of your spending and miles.

To keep track of your travel distance, use some mileage-tracking software. In addition, you can perform this manually by keeping a daily log of the vehicle’s ODO meter. You are required to keep a record of your receipts for spending.

When you arrange delivery routes using its interface, Upper Route Planner, a specialist route optimization software, displays the total mileage you will travel daily. It will therefore be considerably simpler for you.

4. Acquire extra blocks of Amazon Flex

To claim more blocks than other drivers, you will have to forgo your morning sleep and rise early. The more blocks you claim, the more money you’ll make that day. This is likely one of the best strategies for Amazon Flex drivers looking to increase their income from delivery jobs.

5.Continue to update the Amazon Flex app

Although it is a popular recommendation, it could have a significant effect if you overlook it. Make sure you periodically check the Amazon Flex app for updates.

You will be automatically signed out and won’t be informed if any new high-paying delivery blocks are added to the list if you don’t update your application. Any deal that you don’t take advantage of will benefit other drivers instead of you.

Consider getting up in the morning to claim the blocks, only to discover that you are logged out and must enter your credentials, which takes time. You will forfeit the priority blocks you could have easily obtained in the interim.

6.Stop Package Theft

If the delivery location is far away and deliveries are planned before regular business hours, you should always request a timing change for Amazon flex deliveries and other delivery applications.

Make sure the doors of the car are always locked. Ensure everything is locked up before entering the truck’s cab or the back.

Keep your automobile keys separate from the rest of your keys to prevent access to companies. Use caution when parking in remote regions to complete paperwork or stop for lunch.

To prevent robberies from occurring near your vehicle, schedule the delivery if at all feasible at times when other vehicles are nearby. Or, with the client’s permission, leave the package at a security gate.

7.Get Covered

Another expense that most of us already consider necessary if we work as a flex driver for Amazon is auto insurance.

Because of this, your chances of getting into an accident increase whether you’re a skilled driver or not. While at work, fixing your car takes time and is inconvenient.

Insurance is necessary to ensure that you can continue working without attempting to find a replacement vehicle. The last thing you want to happen is to spend more money than you make.

8. Keep a Delivery Miles Log (Always)

Gas prices and auto expenses make up delivery drivers’ expenses. These costs include those allowed write-offs, saving you from adding fuel and automobile maintenance to your expenses.

The two alternatives for tracking your driving expenses for tax filing are actual costs and standard mileage.

At Standard, you’ll log your annual work commute miles and receive reimbursement for them once your taxes are filed. To calculate your overall business expenses at Actual, tally up your car expenses at the end of the year, then multiply by the percentage of your driving time.

For self-employed people, actual is preferable. Additionally, flex drivers who drive most of the time receive standard miles.

9. Fix problems right away

Although most deliveries go off without a hitch, occasionally, you may run into problems like incomplete delivery and require support from Amazon.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if it saves you time and ensures your work is done correctly. For assistance, consider these Amazon Flex tips:

  • Dial (888) 281-6901 or (877) 212-6150 to contact Amazon.

Request a call — The Amazon Flex app includes a feature that lets you phone their customer service department.

Send an email to if you don’t require a response right away.

If you need to get in touch with a consumer, do so.

 10.Dress Appropriately

For Amazon Flex drivers, the appropriate uniform is a requirement. There have been incidents like the one where a well-known artist nearly shot a delivery worker approaching his house because he wasn’t wearing a uniform that would have identified him as an Amazon employee.

For package riders as well, donning the proper attire offers several benefits. The clothing provided by the employer, such as hard hats or non-slip shoes, protects employees from workplace accidents.

11.Make a driver’s bag.

Using hot bags and drink carriers, you may make your job as a meal delivery driver easier. Thermal bags ensure that clients receive their food in good condition, that it stays warm, and that there are no spills.

The right carriers and bags can also ease distribution by saving you time while loading and unpacking numerous items and preventing spills in your delivery van.

In the service sector, customer happiness can result in praise for great work, leading to promotion and, ultimately, a high-paying position.

Schedule restroom breaks

Most Amazon flex drivers responded to a poll published by Business Insider by saying they don’t have time to look for restrooms.

Working in this field, you know that your day will be crammed with several deliveries and that you might not have time for rest breaks.

There are some routes where there won’t be restrooms along the way; for this reason, you must schedule potty breaks in advance. Increasing your income is important, but your money will be wasted if you get sick.

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