How to earn Nanites NMS: Ultimate Guide

How to earn Nanites NMS: Units are one of the main currencies in No Man’s Sky and are required for many transactions in the game. Here are some ways to get rich quick. No Man’s Sky is a game that is constantly evolving and improving, with the latest Prism update adding new content and improved graphics. The Interstellar Sandbox has only improved since its initial release, showcasing a vast galaxy with countless planets to explore.

Hunt random creatures early on

There are countless ways to craft units in No Man’s Sky, but some methods require players to have upgraded tools or specific know-how. Most of the best money-making systems and practices are reserved for those who are already somewhat advanced in the game itself, but there are still some things players can do to earn a significant amount of units from the start.

A good example is hunting. Players can simply clear out wildlife from any planets they encounter (using the mining ray) and collect the chunks of flesh they drop. A batch of these pieces sells for more than 50,000 units. The only downside is that pets don’t respawn frequently enough, making it a lucrative and profitable option in the long run.

Grab Whispering Eggs for a huge win

Opening Whispering Eggs is a great way to make quick (and plentiful) money, but many players are overwhelmed by biological horrors every time they try to effectively exploit these nodes and the larval cores present found there. Luckily, some players have found a way to collect the gifts without having to kill waves of enemies.

Take Twitter user Smelly Ferret and his farming method, for example. By locating an abandoned building (by scanning planets) and then placing a 4×4 wall around a group of eggs, players can extract another egg nearby outside the walls to trigger the biological horror event. Players are then free and safe to exploit the cluster they have trapped within the walls without risking attack. Rinsing and repeating this method on other planets can net players a big win in no time.

Complete missions and side quests

The Nexus is a central multiplayer area added to the game in the Beyond DLC. Here players can share missions and agrees rewards for acheiving them. There are four types of Nexus missions that offer different payouts, from rare items to large unit sums.

NPCs also offer units in exchange for completing their side quests. Polo the Gek is a reptilian scientist start on the anomaly. It rewards the player with incredible upgrades to their ship, exo-suit, and multi-tool in exchange for completing research tasks. If players already have good gear, they will receive unit payments instead.

Nexus missions and their rewards:

  • Regular Missions: Items, Units or Nanites
  • Daily Mercury Missions: 250 Mercury
  • Encrypted Tasks: Units, Nanites & sometimes rare items
  • Weekend Missions: 12oo Quicksilver

Scan items and sell the data

One of the easiest ways to get rich quick in No Man’s Sky is to scan items with the multitool. To do this, players will need to modify their tool with the Analysis Sight upgrade, which can be purchased from vendors or crafted from 50 Iron.

For each object scanned, the player receives a small amount of units, as well as bonuses for scanning all animals, objects and waypoints on a given planet. Once players have scanned the items, they can name their finds and upload them for other units. It’s a great way for players to explore the galaxy and earn lots of money at the same time.

Find buried treasure

One of the many incredible aspects of No Man’s Sky is its size. The game universe contains an incredible number of planets, so players should not expect to be able to explore them all. Planets come in different shapes and sizes, and each type of planet offers its own flora and fauna.

Once players have their multi-tool’s scanning scope, they will be able to identify ancient burial sites. These are collections of bones hidden beneath a planet’s surface that players can search for using the terrain manipulator. They can then sell ancient bones to specific merchants in exchange for units.

Different types of bones and their value:

  • Common: 250 to 500 years old, with a base value of 50,000 to 110,000 each
  • Uncommon: 600 to 1,100 years old, with a base value of 200,000 to 650,000 units
  • Rare: 1,400 to 3,000 years old, with a base value of 700,000 to 1,700,000 units

Visit stormy planets to collect crystals

While some worlds are relatively harmless, others can be very dangerous. Players may encounter dangerous natural wildlife or extreme climates that can only be traversed with specialized equipment. If players want to venture into storms, they’ll need to upgrade their exo-suit’s threat protection.

Once players have the Analysis Visor, they can find Storm Crystals. These glowing rock formations can only be found during active storms, often in abandoned shipping containers. Not only are they useful for a number of crafting recipes, but harvesting a large amount of Storm Crystals also provides a big win for players who need these units.

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Sell ​​advanced technology

To find more advanced equipment, players must obtain salvaged data and exchange it for new blueprints. Never throw away excess items or equipment as anything that cannot be used can be sold for more units.

Buying and selling technology is a great way to make quick profits. The rarer the device, the higher its price. Some equipment cannot be crafted and must be purchased from vendors instead. However, given the variety of game economies, it is easy for many units to purchase technology from one system and trade it with another. (Doing this with the Loom will actually destroy the galactic economy.)

Valuable technologies include:

  • Statistical devices
  • Fusion detonator
  • Quantum processors
  • Portable reactor
  • Mind control device

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