How Can Businesses Benefit From Torrenting

The term ‘Torrent’ is not new to us. We have been torrenting for many years to download various types of content, including videos, songs, movies, educational documents, software tools, and much more.

The reason why torrenting has been popular among people is because of its downloading speed. The content you find on the torrent is directly shared from a seeder to the other peers. The internet is full of torrent sites like that encourage torrenting.

But, it is important to know that torrenting is considered illegal in many nations. These websites are illegal because they promote copyright content. But that is not what we will be going to discuss today.

Today, we will discuss the benefits torrenting offers to businesses. If you think torrents are just the network to access content for free, you can’t be further from the truth. Torrents can do more things than just downloads. Let’s find out.

What Does Torrenting Means?

Torrenting simply refers to the use of torrents. It is a file holding the metadata of the other files. As a part of the BitTorrent system, they were designed to change how downloads and uploads were handled. Before torrenting, people used to use the old method of downloading a file – copying from one system to another. But, this method has some major drawbacks.

  • Drop-in speed.
  • Error while downloading.
  • The source site went down.

However, these problems were solved using torrent downloads. When downloading using torrent, it breaks the content into numerous pieces and gives every piece a unique identifier. So, if a major error occurs while downloading, it doesn’t cancel the whole download. Instead, you just need to acquire that specific piece to continue with the downloading process.

Benefit Of Using Torrent For Businesses

Typically, we know that torrent is used to download unauthorized content. Before we start, let us make it clear that we are not advocating torrents and their use. We are just highlighting its benefits in the business industry.

1. Promotion Can Become Increasingly Cost-Effective

Since the torrent website is used by millions all around words. It offers businesses a perfect channel to market their products and services.  Torrent attracts potential customers by showing up at the top of the popular videos and popular downloads. If we look at it from a marketing perspective, marketing on torrent websites costs less than advertising on TV, Radio, and in magazines.

2. Allows You To Reach Consumers In Their Home

Piracy is prevalent on the internet. It is a criminal act that everyone must avoid. But, at the same time, it is one of the effective methods to get people to watch movies and TV shows.

When someone is at home, they can relax in their home and enjoy their favourite shows without being distracted by ads. In addition, the internet allows marketers to reach their targeted audiences without paying for real estate or other advertising expenses.

3. You Can Reach Potential Customer In Completely Legal Way

The entertainment industry has always been against torrenting websites. And consider the content pirated. However, we are only looking at one side of the story. Torrenting is not always about pirated content; it also helps users access valuable content for free.

Within the torrenting itself, there is an entire community of people using BitTorrent to share copyrighted media. So there is one conclusion, although torrenting is considered illegal, it is just 50% of it. The remaining 50% can be used to reach out to people.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you stand at the moment regarding torrent. It is certain that you will be standing in a different place in just a few short years. While the entertainment industry tries to clamp it down for its own benefits and profits, it’s unlikely that the torrent will stop completely. As long as there are benefits to using torrents, people will always find a way around using them.

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