The Famous 10 Best Sidequest Games

The Famous 10 Best Sidequest Games

The Famous 10 Best Sidequest Games

SideQuest is a desktop application allowing you to download games to your Oculus Quest 2. And there are plenty of choices! These are the best SideQuest games to load onto your Quest.

Note: SideQuest’s sideloading process is entirely safe (we have a guide on how to do it here), and there aren’t any weird legal issues to worry about, although sometimes the selection of things on offer seems too good, to be honest, to be!

Note that many of SideQuest’s games are tense to Oculus Store; you’ll have to pay for some of them now. However, most are free.

1. Gorilla Tag

It doesn’t get much more straightforward, but amid all the increasingly awesome VR games coming out, something is refreshing about this multiplayer tag game.

Tag is an old game: one person is “it” and tries to catch and outrun one of their playing partners. There’s also an “Infection” mode for four or more players, where more and more players become “it” until finally, everyone is after the remaining player!

Gorilla Tag’s unique gimmick is that you move around by swinging your arms (you know, like a gorilla). It’s a neat little mechanic that adds a bit of a learning curve to the game.

2. Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The big Dr Beef has done it again. The guy who brought us VR versions of games like Doom and Half-life is now gone with another chilling classic: the Nazi/zombie paranormal shooter Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

As always with DrBeef’s fantastic work, the game has full motion controls, dynamic aiming, and all the features you’d expect from a full-fledged VR game. The only thing missing here is the game’s fantastic multiplayer mode, but you can’t have everything!

3. Ultras Fighter

There are few gaming experiences as cathartic as smashing your way through virtual enemies in VR; you must have done it yourself to understand it. Ultras Fighter plays straight into that lighthearted feeling, throwing you into an arena where you smash baddies with your bare hands.

There are many fun details, including bullets, boss fights, and various brutal weapons like swords, grappling hooks, and artillery. It’s only a prototype at the moment, so expect imperfections at this stage, but it’s an absolute riot for a freebie.

4. Descent Alps

There is an odd lack of good VR skiing games right now. Sure, there have been various attempts, but many just aren’t that good or too gross to enjoy.

Descent Alps solves many problems in VR skiing. An exciting downhill ski racer is available through the Oculus App Lab via SideQuest for $10. It actually encourages you to lean into your turns and keep your centre of gravity low, just like real skiing, resulting in a deceptively rigorous workout.

5. Duck Hunt VR

To this day, we’re still amazed at how Duck Hunt worked for the original NES, so…you point your gun at the screen and shoot at that spot on the screen? But how does the screen know where I’m talking?

Duck Hunt was excellent, but he filmed ducks flying out of the grass on his screen after his trusty dog ​​jumped up to scare them away.

The VR version features a full 360-degree chase, and you can even see your hand holding the original NES light gun in-game! It’s simple, similar to the original, but surrounded by the blue skies and green grass of your childhood; it is a wonderfully nostalgic trip.

6. Seeker VR

Have you dreamed of riding a broomstick around Hogwarts since you read the books or watched Daniel Radcliffe play Quidditch 20 years ago? Well, now is your chance.

This unofficial Harry Potter game, Seeker VR, allows you to find a chest containing Quaffle, Golden Snitch and… was there a third ball? Even if you’re not participating in real games, walking across the Quidditch pitch with Hogwarts in the background is fantastic fun.

You can even leave the grounds and fly through the woods and Hogwarts grounds! Everything is also displayed accurately.

7. Crisis Brigade

Crisis VRigade is one of the best games for Oculus Quest 2. It is an action-packed virtual reality first-person shooter game that allows players to take on the role of a SWAT soldier and deal with terrorist situations.

8. Pavlov Vr (Pavlov Shack)

Pavlov Shack is a remake of the popular multiplayer VR shooter and has been in development for Quest for quite some time. But it could finally arrive on the official Oculus Store soon. Over a year ago, Shack debuted on the App Lab, resulting in a sudden spike in player numbers.

9. Hibow Vr

Hibow is a simulation of the future of virtual reality multiplayer fighting games. All players compete as a variety of superheroes and fight against players from all over the world. It is a competitive multiplayer VR game with fierce dart shooting and a refreshing flying experience.

10. Doom 3 Vr

Doom 3 is a 2004 survival horror first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Activision. The ideal choice for virtual reality, and its environments have never been more vivid.

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