What Is Customer Intelligence & Why It Is Compulsory For Business

What Is Customer Intelligence & Why It Is Compulsory For Business

What Is Customer Intelligence & Why It Is Compulsory For Business

We’ve all heard the saying, “the customer is always right”, and while that might sound a bit daunting, it’s also true. For this reason, companies are constantly looking for new ways to understand what their customers want and increase their sales. In this article, we will let you know what is customer intelligence and why it is compulsory for business.

Every entrepreneur needs to know what motivates their customers and how they think. The best way to truly understand your customers is to collect data and analyze their behaviour. Fortunately, in today’s modern landscape, new technologies and platforms enable that.

What Is Customer Intelligence?

Customer Intelligence, or CI for short, is the process of collecting and examining large amounts of customer data from internal and external sources to better understand customer needs, motivations and behaviours.

Customer intelligence enables companies to understand their customers better, improve interactions and offer more specialized services. In addition, it provides data that can be secondhand for campaign planning and segmentation techniques to maximize customer contact. All of this improves the customer journey and drives future business growth.

What Customer Intelligence Does for Businesses

Establishing a loyal customer base

Customer intelligence insights can dramatically accelerate long-term development. Businesses need to understand their customers better to secure their loyalty. When customer information is available, it becomes a real possibility, not a vain dream.

But how should marketers and business owners handle this? The best place to start is to ask yourself what customers want and what your business has that others don’t. It allows you to achieve higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Real-time industry management

Any business can get real-time customer information from various CI platforms. In this way, enterprises learn what drives engagement and what discourages customers by tracking customer interactions with a product or service online. You can also predict industry trends by studying consumer behaviour on various platforms. So when the industry changes or new trends emerge, you’ll be the first to know.

To increase the sales

Increasing sales is one of the main reasons successful businesses use customer intelligence. To deliver better products and services that ambition business success, companies can benefit from understanding the preferences of their current and potential customers.

With customer intelligence, you can better understand why your consumers are buying. Adjust your tactics based on the information gathered. Not only do you know them better, but you also get more accurate forecasts of your goods and services marketing.


With the right technology setup, you can easily segment all your critical customer data into different consumer categories. These distinctions can be thru on behaviour and demographics. Once segmented, targeting customers for technology touchpoints and specialized marketing communications is easier.

Your marketing materials can be custom-made to suit your tastes, just like any typical sport a clientele enjoys. Plus, you can quickly launch your customer marketing campaign with the right customer success platform.

Best tools for customer intelligence


With Talkwalker, you can understand your customers in real-time. It allows you to collect information from any online source, including blogs, forums, and CRMs, and combine it to create a unique consumer perspective.

A pioneer in customer intelligence, Talkwalker enables you to take a holistic approach to product development, marketing and customer service. Customer interactions with your brand can be different to exceed their expectations at every touchpoint.


Heap is one of the leading companies in the field of customer intelligence. Its main goal is to help you understand every part of the customer journey and take confident steps towards business growth. Improve customer experience by identifying where customers are having issues.

Collecting data and tracking users every step of the way enables your business to make quick and effective decisions that will improve the way you do business in the long run.

Benefits of Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence
Customer Intelligence

By implementing customer intelligence, you can understand your customers more deeply. Knowing what your customers want, you can speak to them in their language and segment them into different groups based on demographics, behaviours, and interests.

From there, you can design marketing communications tailored to specific segments and create personalized customer experiences. PwC found that “a good customer experience minimizes friction, maximizes speed and efficiency, and retains a human component integrated with automation, AI, or other technology. It makes consumers feel heard, seen and valued. That has a tangible impact.” The effect is leisurely in dollars and cents.

In addition, customer intelligence enables you to identify the motivations behind customer behaviour. For example, why are they buying from you, why are they stopping buying, why are they abandoning their cart and more? With this information, you can design a marketing plan to prevent churn, increase customer retention, and encourage repeat purchases.

Sales reps use the information gathered by customer intelligence tools to determine the sales strategy to apply to a specific buyer. Soft Sell or Hard Sell? Social Selling or Print Selling? The more information a seller has, the easier it is for them to communicate with the buyer.

Last but not least, Customer Intelligence helps inform your product team about new features or products that matter to your customers. It is a great way to ensure development and market fit.

Final Thoughts

Customer behaviour is changing, so business strategies must change too. The best way to retain and attract new customers is to analyze their buying behaviour and habits.

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