How To Edit Photos For Instagram Business

How To Edit Photos For Instagram Business

How To Edit Photos For Instagram Business

E-commerce is a very competitive industry. Companies must overcome many challenges to assert themselves in this area. In this competition, some retailers are aloof because they need help getting the sales they want. It is due to the need for them to understand this sector. You need to develop a data-driven marketing plan to increase the conversion rate. If you visit their online stores, you will see photos at the bottom of their priority list. They do everything for e-commerce marketing but with inferior product photos. For this reason, the photo editing service Photoshop has become a staple in e-commerce. How to edit photos for instagram business.

E-commerce retailers use various image editing methods and create eye-catching product photos. This way, a customer can get the best experience of viewing the product, which makes the brand stand out in this competitive universe. However, it is essential to understand photo editing methods and create compatible e-commerce photos.

In this article we will let to know how to edit photos for instagram business. I have provided nine simple yet effective methods that professional photo editors use for e-commerce photo editing. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

A robust eCommerce photo editing tool to increase sales

To draw customers, e-commerce companies need graphic images. The rules of the eCommerce website must follow. You can help with this by using the picture editing techniques listed below.

Take out the clutter and emphasize the product.

Product photography aims to draw customers’ attention to the product, not something else. Because of this, a compelling image is entirely attentive to developing so customers can ea

sily see what you’re selling. On the other hand, if the photo appears noisy, the viewer will scroll down and move on to the alternatives.

How do you remove the distraction and make the product stand out in the photo? The answers depend on the image noise. However, the general rule of thumb to avoid distractions is to use a white background to showcase your product. A white background makes products stand out, making them focused and precise.

That is how professional photographers improve the quality of raw product photography. Also, this change can make the product more attractive and influence the branding process. Large e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay prefer a white background for their product photo. You can contact a professional editor or clipping path service provider to apply professional background removal methods like clipping path or image masking. Therefore, a professional deletion service can boost sales.

Photo Dimension

Your products should take up most of the space on the frame. It is an Amazon mandate and good e-commerce practice. Filling the frame helps consumers on any device get a better view of the product without zooming, squinting, or clicking. While the zoom feature is valid, it should present enough detail to entice the user to click.

Perfectly formed photos are ideal for potential customers who want to zoom in to learn more. But the perfect product photos in the right way preserve the exceptional appeal of the product that attracts customers and encourages them to buy. So, to become a successful e-commerce product seller, use the best product photos.

Colour Modification

With an eCommerce photo, colour grading is inevitable. Colour correction is simply the process of fixing the colour problem in the image. Product photos should be well-coloured to show the details of the products perfectly. Colour correction can also save eCommerce entrepreneurs time and money. Using this method, you must photograph a product once and change the colour.

Product photography with great colours increases the attractiveness of your product image and thus maximizes your sales. Therefore, your images should be vibrant when it comes to colours. Product photography may not have perfect colours due to various factors such as environment, camera settings, amateur photography, etc. We offer you to use the Photoshop colour correction service.

Remove Annoying Objects

Sometimes the image’s background is fine, and you want to keep it, but there are some things you despise and want to remove. Maybe the articles are upsetting the overall equity of the products, and you think the visual quality needs to be improved. However, you can remove background objects and enhance the quality of your product images by using a background removal service.

The photo editor removes unwanted elements from your product photos or replaces them with other objects. Beautiful product images triple the market value of items and make your business profitable.

Shadow Making

Photoshop shadow generation is essential to create a realistic product presentation. Your products will look floating and weird without a good shadow. However, when a good shadow is applied, it seems natural. Not only should the background be removed and replaced with a white background, but shadows are also handy.

A believable product image will attract buyers’ attention and increase sales and profits. Your goods need the desired colour tone. You can use different types of shadows; shades add context to your merchandise and enhance the image’s appeal.

3D Modeling

3D modelling is the most effective solution for presenting e-commerce products. It helps throw away all the details in the photo that looks so tempting and appealing. You can use 3D modelling for almost any type of product. Thus, you can offer the customer a complete visual experience. So they can decide whether the product is right for them or not.

3D modelling also influences buying decisions. It helps build credibility by producing high-quality photos. And you have to try slightly more complicated to be competitive in this area. That is where 3D modelling can go the extra mile to brand your business.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin service is the best product presentation solution for the apparel industry. Improves the quality of the product, and your product photo acts as your company’s online representative. Also, professional editors remove the mannequin parts from the image and create an invisible mannequin effect. It looks like an invisible mannequin used the fabric. And the ghost mannequin service allows e-commerce retailers to create a unique look for their brands.

Photo Retouch

Photo Retouching is the process of removing all flaws from a photograph. This typically entails colour and tone adjustments, the removal of blemishes and under-eye circles, and alterations to brightness, contrast, and saturation. Aside from that, the process of picture retouching occasionally also entails airbrushing, which is either adding or deleting background components from the image.

Graphic Designs

Marketing and advertising enrich all businesses, whether digital or traditional. Even thriving businesses may need promotional initiatives to stay ahead. Although it’s hard for startups to keep up with their competitors’ promotional efforts, if you’re comfortable with digital promotional materials, go for it.

Use corporate identities such as business cards, banners, logos, posters, flyers, product brochures, infographics, and more. These marketing and advertising tools show the prospects of the company. Use these digital tools to grow your eCommerce business.

Delete product photos for editing

Customers will only have adequate information if they have the necessary photos of the product. However, they may feel overloaded with information if they have too much. The secret is to find the ideal amount to sacrifice or select.

Our survey of 25 leading companies revealed that the ideal number of product photos is three to five. For fashion brands, at least three images are required: one for the front, the back, and the product details.

Tools & Programs for Editing Photos for E-Commerce

Canva + Plann: Want a free, easy-to-use editing tool? Plan’s new Canva screen makes it super painless. You can use Canva right inside Plann to access stock images, apply filters, and access professional editing tools to enhance your pictures.

Snapseed – As one of the most popular editing apps, Snapseed is an excellent choice for Instagram users who want to edit snaps on their phones. There are a variety of filters and tools you can use to refine your editing.

Lightroom – Lightroom is the best editing app for intermediate to advanced photographers. There is a paid desktop app, or you can download the free mobile app.


You need to edit photos to drive sales from your online store. The better the images, the higher the chances of achieving the desired sales. However, photo editing is time-consuming and requires a lot of experience to create the selected photos. In this regard, you need to hire an experienced photo editor for your business. Image editing agencies like Clipping World can deliver 10,000 images per day. Visit their website to find the best service for your e-commerce business.

Do you scratch your head editing photos for Instagram and ask yourself, “What is this magic?” While it might sound like advanced magic, creating drool-worthy images for your feed is easier than you think.

All you need to do is master a few essential tools and start editing like a pro! You don’t need fancy editing software to create Instagram-worthy posts (especially with our new Canva integration).

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