A Fitted Wardrobe Can Transform Your Attic Room

A Fitted Wardrobe Can Transform Your Attic Room

A Fitted Wardrobe Can Transform Your Attic Room

Because of their large size, attics sometimes wind up as forgotten storage places stocked with little more than Christmas decorations and baggage. What if we told you there’s a method to convert your attic into extra living space? Even better, fitted wardrobe for attic rooms can aid in this change.

The Advantages of Adding a Fitted Wardrobe to an Attic

For some, it’s already apparent that having an organized living area rather than an abandoned attic is gain. However, some individuals may still contemplate using the attic as a storage room for items that they may need in the future but cannot store in the living section of the house.

Others may be convinced that fitted wardrobes are not required to convert the attic: it may appear to be a costly option when a set of drawers or other furniture items can be purchased at a store. As a result, we have prepared a few significant advantages of changing an attic with a correctly fitted wardrobe. These These are as follows:

  • Attics have their oddities, such as slanted ceilings that can be difficult to put furniture into. Fitted wardrobes excel in this situation. These custom-made wardrobes maximize every nook and cranny, ensuring you make the most of every millimeter of space. No more unused nooks or odd angles; fitted wardrobes ensure maximum storage capacity.
  • Fitted wardrobes provide a touch of modern beauty to your attic bedroom in addition to being functional. They merge into the aesthetics of the area thanks to their sleek, built-in design. Your attic will be not only practical but also beautiful.

When it comes to selecting the correct wardrobe for your attic conversion, you have two options:

  • Wardrobes that have angled sides.
  • Wardrobes with slanted backs.

If your attic layout begs for it, such as slanted walls, the first alternative is ideal. They function well when the bed is not parallel to the sloping ceiling, providing a diverse storage solution. The second option is excellent for areas where the bed positioning corresponds with the slope of the ceiling. This closet design maximizes space while providing quick access to your items.

Wardrobe Designs to Consider for an Attic

As previously said, you can use angled-side or slanted-back wardrobes. Let’s take a look at what each of these components has to offer and decide which one to use for your attic renovation.

Angled-Sided Fitted Wardrobes

These wardrobes are unusual in their ability to maximize the height of the room. With full-height wardrobes, you’ll have plenty of storage space. You’ll have a better chance of including double-hanging rails and taller storage to organize your clothing and things properly.

But it’s the tilted doors on these wardrobes that truly set them apart. They are not only fashionable, but they also make the most of the available space. As you approach the shorter end of the space, you have the option of shelves or drawers, all neatly hidden behind those elegant doors.

One of the most significant benefits is the adaptability they provide. Fitted wardrobes with angled sides may adapt to varied locations in your house quickly, whether you’re dealing with alcoves, chimney breasts, or eccentric room forms.

Slanted Back Fitted Wardrobes

This arrangement is great if you like an attic that is uniform and of a single style. They keep a nice and symmetrical front, with everything at the same height. In this situation, fitted wardrobes with sloping backs are your best friends.

When vertical space is at a premium, they are your best bet. You may make the most of that sloped attic ceiling by carefully designing bookshelves and, yes, even hanging rails. Because of the inclination, these closets may not be able to fit a double-hanging rail system. 

You do, however, have a plethora of customizing choices at your disposal.

Single hanging rails, adaptable shelves, and handy drawers may all be included in your fitted wardrobe, allowing you to make the most of your attic space. So, if you’re looking for a clean, organized, and space-saving option, these sloping-back wardrobes are ideal.

Furthermore, many homeowners utilize the attic’s eaves by inserting a chest of drawers or a dressing table, ensuring that no space is wasted.

Last Thoughts

Attic space may be used as extra living space, whether it’s a bedroom, a home theatre, another living room, or a game area – you get the idea. However, given the characteristics of the space, such as inclining walls, lower ceilings, and so on, such a change might be difficult. As a result, a fitted wardrobe should be on your radar since it helps you to make the best use of available space.

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