How Image Consultancy Differs from Personal Styling

personal styling

“You can get whatever you need in your life if you dress for it.” These golden words by eight-time record holder of the ‘Best Costume Design Academy Awards,’ Edith Head, may sound bittersweet to many ears. The common problem is we know the answer but cannot navigate our way to it. This article will let you Know How Image Consultancy differ from Personal Styling.

In a world where style, image, and class reign supreme, “What should I wear?” is just the tip of the iceberg; the question goes more profound – “Do my clothes communicate the message I want them to?” Does my wardrobe level align with my being?”

Thankfully, specialists exist who help individuals step up their style game, be it personal or professional. While many recognize these specialists as personal stylists, others give them the name image consultants. But, are both the same?

Let us dispel all confusion surrounding these two wizards of the fashion world.

Personal styling: Taking client wardrobe to the next level

Fashion is truly the armour to survive the reality of everyday life, but its style helps you use this armour the right way – something personal stylists help their clients master. These professionals will put together complete outfits, accessories, and all included, in line with their client’s body type and current trends; also relevant to the occasion. In a nutshell, a personal stylist is someone you go to when you need answers for questions like –

  • Does this colour look good on me?
  • Is my current wardrobe in line with the latest trends?
  • Which garment cuts are ideal for petite individuals?
  • Which prints and patterns help with streamlining the waist?
  • What are some versatile pieces for that perfect capsule wardrobe?

And more. However, all answers focus simply on their clients’ unique tastes, physique, budget, and occasion at hand.

Image consultancy: Aligning client image with their style

It doesn’t take much to realise that simply draping oneself in the right outfits misses the mark – an individual’s public image is a consortium of their appearance, demeanour, and communication skills. Here’s where image consultants step in, making it easier for their clients to ‘walk the talk’ of their brand goals and values.

Image consulting is much more comprehensive than personal styling. Here are a few occasions when contacting an image consultant, rather than a personal stylist, helps –

  • Learning daily dining etiquettes – Etiquette Coach
  • Acing that job interview – Wardrobe Consultant
  • Addressing dating the right way – Dating Guru
  • Discovering your strengths and weaknesses to run an efficient business – Executive Coaching and Personal Branding

In short, image consultants dig deep into knowing their clients intimately, and that is where their styling advice stems. An image consultant can also perform the role of a personal stylist.

Want to pursue a career in either of the fields?

Those with a creative eye for not just fashion but also individual styles, for those with a knack for staying up-to-date with the current trends, and those who do not wish to endure a single stodgy day in their lives, both image consulting and personal styling are excellent career paths.

A professional degree will go miles in helping you build your career in this cut-throat industry. Thankfully, internationally-acclaimed institutions such as the Pearl Academy offer aspirants the best of both worlds – their image consulting and personal styling course introduces students to creative strategies, client management, and the art of reinventing current trends become ‘visual storytellers’ for their clients.

Now that you know how to study image consultant and personal styling course that will give your career the push it needs, nothing stops you from making it big in this industry!