Ideal Kotlin Coder for Modern App Development

Today, many programming languages ​​are used to develop web products, so businesses and programmers are spoiled for choice. One of the modern languages ​​you must try is Kotlin. Since its first release in 2011, it has become a favourite of many developers. The creator of Kotlin is JetBrains, a software company based in the Czech Republic.

With the advent of mobile technology, Kotlin language is also gaining importance. Modern Kotlin developers love this language because it is compatible with Java. So if you are a Java expert, using Kotlin will be quite simple. Additionally, the language works well for Android apps and other web products.

Kotlin received public recognition from Google in 2019 as the most popular language for Android developers. Since then, it has become the language of choice for modern programmers. Not only does this allow you to work across multiple platforms, but it also allows you to develop great web products. Additionally, working with Java makes it more flexible and productive.

Let’s learn more about Kotlin and why it’s the ideal language for building modern applications.


What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is one of the most modern programming languages ​​with less than a decade of history in the web development market. It works on many platforms and is quite easy to learn thanks to typed statistical logic. With the advent of mobile technology, most Android developers now like to use this language. It is object-oriented, functional and stable. You can’t go wrong if you choose to use Kotlin to build your business application.

 Why you should try this

If you want to develop an application and don’t know which language to use, Kotlin is the best option. It is well structured and classified as a general language. Let’s look at some of the advantages that make it the first choice for developers:

 Stable solution

As mentioned above, Kotlin is being tested as a suitable answer for Android projects. Google confirmed this statement in 2019 with the release of the language. Kotlin developers are now in high demand as most companies develop Android apps for users around the world. Nowadays, large organizations like Netflix and Pinterest use Kotlin to develop various web products. In 2017, research showed that more than 20% of applications in use were developed in this language. Therefore, Kotlin is actually a stable and solid solution for developing outstanding products.

 Some Bugs

As far as errors go, Kotlin works fine. Unlike Java, developers write clean code, resulting in fewer errors. The language’s developers were aware of the frustration of a crashed application. Therefore, features are built in to avoid compilation errors. For example, the compiler functionality can detect coding errors before the execution session. So you can rely on Kolin to deliver a clean coding experience without annoying errors.

High Productivity

Kotlin was developed by experts who wanted to create a modern, fast language. With this language, you can write codes easily and without complications. The coding process is quick because Kotlin has interactive syntax.

This language design not only offers clean codes but also follows an agile approach. This means that your internal team can also be involved in the development process and support the project.

 Less Code Writing

Software development is a complicated process that requires writing codes. During the compilation phase, it is common for developers to catch up on writing and fixing errors. These distractions often delay project implementation. But with this, you’ll never have to spend hours writing and debugging. The codes are short and clear and give you a great experience.

 Mature solution

Since its inception in 2011, this language has seen great popularity and growth. It is one of the most sophisticated app development solutions on the market. Nowadays, many developers use this language to create world-class applications. Additionally, JetBrains, the developer behind Kotlin, continues to add awesome features to improve the language framework. Therefore, you can be sure that you are using a reliable and up-to-date coding tool.

 Java Compatibility

Although Kotlin was designed to replace Java, it is compatible with the language. If you know how to use Java, it will be easy for you to master Kotlin. Developers can write code in Java and Kot-in at the same time. This flexibility allows developers to easily access Java libraries.


Whether it’s an Android or iOS platform, you can’t go wrong with Kotlin. Java serves as the basis, which is suitable for developing products that run on different devices. Even though Google has named Kotlin as the best choice for Android developers, it can still be used to build apps for multiple platforms.

 Kotlin is worth a Trying

Technology is evolving rapidly with more and more advancements and Kotlin is one of the languages ​​that is making a positive impact. It is a modern language that is becoming an essential skill for many developers. This has proven to be a cutting-edge technology that produces impressive web products.

Overall, this language with its many advantages, can be considered an ideal language for developing modern applications. So if you want to build your business application, you can consider Kotlin. Your team will enjoy the whole experience and look forward to developing more world-class products.


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