The Top 5 Language Learning Websites For Kids

The Top 5 Language Learning Websites For Kids

The Top 5 Language Learning Websites For Kids

Children generally learn a language more easily and quickly than adults. You should encourage children to learn more than one language if you have children. It’s hard to say enough good things about learning another language as it will help you understand other cultures and give you more job opportunities. Many language learning websites can help children learn a new language. If you want to help your child with their homework or teach another language in your free time, fun online resources can help. We have compiled a list of five of the best websites for kids to learn another language.


AmazingTalker’s private tutors are suitable for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language. AmazingTalker has professional tutors for all ages and skill levels, from toddlers to high school adults. All language levels are covered, from beginner to advanced.

The tutoring service can help you learn to listen, write, read, speak, say words correctly, use grammar, and learn new words. You can also request to edit a lesson tutorial. Suppose you want to improve your conversation skills in different languages. In that case, if you’re going to excel in your exam or if you’re going to master a second language at work, AmazingTalker tutors can help you!

BBC Bitesize

The BBC is a UK public broadcaster with many excellent online learning resources for kids of all ages. He teaches French, Gaelic, German, Irish, Mandarin, Spanish, and Welsh. Each topic is torn apart into minor subjects, such as weather, numbers, and hobbies, with written and audiovisual instructions. At the end of each issue, children can take a quiz to see how they are doing. Depending on your child’s age, you may need to help them through the class to keep their interest and provide feedback.


If your child wants to learn a language, Duolingo is the best language-learning site. There are more than 50, including Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Swedish, and Ukrainian, for children aged 3 to 14. Colorful animations bring immersive lessons to life. Without translation, Children learn from what they see and hear in their native language. Your children will enjoy playing Dinolingo which is entertainment. There are stars, dots, and even dinosaurs so kids can track their progress.


MyLingoKids teaches foreign languages ​​to children aged 3 to 17 years. Your child will be open to a qualified language teacher fluent in English and a native speaker of the language you teach. You can offer German, Spanish, Chinese, and Greek. All lessons take over Skype, and MyLingoKids provides materials, exercises, and progress tracking.

This fast-paced, engaging environment helps kids learn and stick to a schedule. Parents control their child’s profiles to monitor learning. Free trial lessons are available on MyLingoKids. You have to buy the homework in bulk, and prices depend on the length of the study (30 minutes or an hour). You can take action if your child doesn’t get along with their guardian (which rarely happens).


In 1986 Muzzy started working as a TV film for the BBC, teaching English as a second language. From now Muzzy and his animal friends live online and communicate in languages ​​like Spanish, French, German, and Italian through exciting animated stories.

The course includes many games, vocabulary-building activities, worksheets, flashcards, and songs. Muzzy is suitable for children of all ages as it is fun to learn a language and teaches them the basics they need, like telling the time, asking questions, naming the days of the week, etc.


Five websites we’ve listed here have add-on apps that come with the service. It means your child can apply what they have learned on the computer. It makes sense as most young people are more used to playing with technology by holding it in their hands than sitting at a desk.

It’s essential to be consistent when learning anything, especially a language. If you allow your child to immerse themselves in the language, they will speak it in no time. Maybe they could even teach you something?

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