How To Upgrade And Start Afresh After A Career Break

Countless professionals go through a career break during their professional journeys. A pregnancy, injury, educational upgrade, or job loss may be the reason for a hiatus. Whether you do it by chance or choice, getting back on the road can be more challenging than you imagine. However, an interruption need not be the end of the road as you can always join the workforce again.

In fact, you can even make a stronger comeback, provided you are committed to taking your career in the right direction. Here are some tips to upgrade and start afresh after time off.

Develop a new skill

Whatever the reason for the gap, you can utilize the time to develop a new skill. Luckily, you can explore endless options in online programs that let you pursue education from home. You can upgrade a skill while looking after a baby or recuperating from an injury by enrolling in an online course. The best part is that you will have a relevant skill that puts you in a better place when you start looking for work again.

Step out of your comfort zone

Acquiring a new skill is a great start, but you can move things faster by stepping out of your comfort zone. A career switch is easier after a break, so take the opportunity to explore a new role or industry. Although trying something different always sounds challenging, a new skill and fresh start can motivate you to dive in. Be confident and hit the apply button without second thoughts.

Be ready with the basics

Besides going the extra mile for a fresh start after a gap, you must be ready with the basics. Rework your resume, and include a valid narrative to explain the career break. Check your academic documents so that you have everything in place if your new employer wants to see them. It is easy to lose your high school or GED diploma over the years. But you can get a  Fake GED diploma, high school certificate, or college degree for career purposes. Remember to refresh your LinkedIn profile because recruiters will check it as well.

Reconnect with your network

Finding a dream job after a career break is easier said than done. But you can speed things up by reconnecting with your network. Tap your contacts in the industry, from college peers to colleagues from a previous job, and social media connections on LinkedIn. They may have some valuable recommendations or job openings to match your profile. A word of motivation is enough to boost your confidence, and people in your network may have a lot of them.

Set clear expectations

Your professional life may not be the same after a career break. Likewise, your personal situation may change the direction of your career. For example, you may want to join in a flexible role as a new mommy or take up a less challenging duty after recovering from a severe injury. Picking something you cannot handle can cause frustration further down the line. It is better to have clear expectations and pick a suitable match when you join the workforce again.

Resuming your professional journey after a break requires good planning. Focus on the right step and pursue the new goals with patience and confidence to have a successful second inning.

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