Tag: Cyber security

Types Of CyberAttacks & How to Protect Your Startup from Cyber Attacks

T.eehTEeHHDifferent types of Cyberattacks are deliberate attempts to interfere with computer networks, systems, or services. These assaults may be carried out by lone hackers, well-resourced gangs, or state-sponsored entities. Cyber assaults can range from benign ones like website defacements to potentially disastrous ones like massive data breaches and ransomware attacks. Any organization’s cybersecurity strategy must […]

SPI Firewall – Definition, weaknesses, and more

The SPI firewall (Stateful Packet Inspection) avoids unauthorized access to a company network. Using an SPI firewall goes beyond looking at a stateless filter system that only contains the header of a packet and destination port for validation. Check the entire contents of the package before determining whether network access is allowed. This higher level […]

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