All the Features of The Best Mileage Tracker Apps in 2023

All the Features of The Best Mileage Tracker Apps in 2023

All the Features of The Best Mileage Tracker Apps in 2023

One thing has become apparent as the competition between apps in the mileage logging software industry intensifies: features are king. In this post, we’ll examine the top apps available, paying close attention to the plethora of features many users currently get from those best mileage tracker apps. We’re only going to look at the best of the best because there is such an overwhelming amount of accounting software in this vein now available.

Getting a best Mileage Tracking App

There are a few ways to track miles for tax purposes, like using an Excel file, a paper logbook, or a variety of mileage-tracking apps if you’re unfamiliar with the process. But there’s no denying that you require an app if you want to manage your tax deductions as effectively as possible. These days, Excel files and simple logbooks aren’t enough; you need an app with all the extra features.

The apps are readily available online; you can download any pertinent apps that are worthwhile to use and that will be discussed today from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store; they are all available for both Apple and Android devices.

What Kind of Features Are Essential?

The top five features of a Mileage monitoring app have been compiled, even though it would be impossible to describe every function currently on the market in great detail. So instead, we’ll look at a top-down picture of features throughout the entire market in conclusion.

Manual Trip Recording

The capacity to record and edit your journeys is essential, even though it is undoubtedly a basic requirement in many aspects. Strangely, MileIQ, one of the most popular options on the market, doesn’t provide this feature. When selecting an app with this feature, intuitiveness is another critical consideration. Some software, like MileageWise, automatically determines whether your trip is for business or personal reasons based on where you’ve already been and where you’re going. Other software, like MileageWise, needs you to categorize the nature of every trip you make with your vehicle.

 Automatic Tracking

Many businesses provide auto-tracking using vehicle movement monitoring, which works by having your phone detect whether or not your car is moving and then start tracking your route. Then, it stops, and the trip ends once you have stopped moving and have moved on with your phone. While undoubtedly adequate in many situations, Bluetooth and Plug’N’Go auto-tracking are additional options. TripLog provides the former, while Drivers Note delivers the latter, both of which depend on you having an iBeacon to function. Once more, Mileage wise provides all three features, edging away the competitors in this field.

Trip Importing Functions

In many circumstances, importing preexisting mileage logs onto mileage logging programs is simple. Of course, the specifics of this process vary depending on the program you’re using. Still, most of those including this option allows you to import an Excel file or even an existing log from another app. This could be helpful if you want to move your records to another service after discovering what extra features are offered elsewhere.

Retrospective Mileage Logging

When a company person receives notification of an impending IRS audit, they may find themselves in a difficult situation. You might need to recalculate your Mileage for more than the current year if that applies to you or if you want to ensure it never will. Sincerely, just a few providers—Mileage Wise and Express Mileage—offer this feature, making it a difficult chore. In the case of Mileage Wise, all you need is your odometer readings for the period (s) you need to rebuild and a rough notion of where you traveled during that time; their program will take care of the rest.

Shared Dashboard for Teams

Getting everyone on your team who uses their vehicle for work to utilize the same app is frequently the best action if you work for or are a part of a small business or enterprise firm. Fortunately, numerous service providers, such as TripLog, MileIQ, Everlance, MileageWise, Milecatcher, and Hurdlr, provide this capability. If you’re a businessperson concerned about mileage reimbursement, it’s vital to thoroughly examine all of the options before making your choice. Some companies provide customized packages. Examine the suppliers and the services they can directly supply your company.

Are There Any Disadvantages Worth Considering?

Absolutely. Like everything technology, some programs have drawbacks worth ignoring, and others don’t offer enough. Because it entails significant financial investment, keeping track of your business-related miles for tax deductions is a serious matter. Mileage tracker apps are essential for avoiding errors. Let’s discuss a few possible problems:

A Lack of Customer Support

You should avoid using software or apps that prevent you from speaking to a live customer service agent. Every app has issues now and again, so having someone committed to your support and the integrity of their brand can be pretty helpful.

Battery loss

Some apps that use GPS constantly might strain your phone’s battery, rendering them useless if your phone isn’t fully charged for whatever reason. This issue can be avoided entirely with features like MileageWise’s Arrival Point Recording approach, which doesn’t track you throughout your trip but simply records the arrival locations. It calculates the distances between the two sites, using far less battery than traditional GPS while maintaining accuracy.

A Lack of Sampling / Recurring Trips

Setting up recurrent excursions using your software’s web dashboard can save you time and money, and users of apps without these options are missing out.

Top 5 Best Mileage Tracker Apps

Your needs as a business owner will determine which mileage tracker is appropriate for you. For example, are you an Uber or Lyft driver? Do you reimburse staff members who travel? Do you use Android or Apple iOS? Different apps meet a variety of needs. Use the top five mileage tracker applications instead of navigating through an app store to eliminate the stress associated with mileage logging.


MileIQ, one of the most well-known monitoring apps, dramatically streamlines the mileage recording procedure. The software remembers the route and gives it the same tag later on when you designate journeys as “business.” This means that tracking business miles doesn’t have to be a conscious decision as long as you routinely drive the same routes. However, this function might not be the best option for rideshare drivers who constantly change ways.

You won’t be able to instantly compute your tax deduction using MileIQ because it only can count and categorize Mileage.


Everlance is simple to use, provides numerous options for recording expenses, gives managers additional insight into the travels of their staff, and ensures IRS compliance for self-employed users and organizations of all sizes. As the top-ranked mileage tracker on the App Store right now, their 4.8-star rating (out of 5) and more than 18,000 ratings speak for themselves.


SherpaShare stands out for having features explicitly designed for rideshare drivers. In addition to allowing you to monitor your income, its SmartDrive technologies also gather data that could increase your earnings. With its driver heatmap, for instance, you may strategically plan your locations by seeing where other cars are traveling.

SherpaShare, however, does not have a free version. So before signing up, you should be sure you will use it.


The highest performance from TripLog comes from centralizing employee mileage tracking. They even have the choice to include additional costs with photos captures, such as gas or meals when traveling. In addition, you may enable an onscreen widget that counts your kilometers in real-time, and the app starts as your car moves.


Hurdlr distinguishes itself by integrating with “gig economy” apps like ridesharing and others and computing your taxes instantly. This can be a blessing if you have to pay quarterly estimated taxes because it’s much simpler to estimate your tax liability on the spot.

Hurdlr can be used to track expenses other than travel for various tax deductions because it has different possibilities for recording fees. As a result, Hurdlr can be the one-stop shop you’re seeking, whether you’re just starting in business or dipping your toes into cost reporting apps in general.

Hurdlr may take a little while to start tracking automatically, according to some users, so there’s a potential your mileage reports won’t be entirely accurate. You might want to try a different app if that’s crucial for your company.


We believe numerous inferences can be drawn from a thorough analysis of the market and the top mileage monitoring applications available today. Of course, many excellent apps and software are available, but only a few stand out.

MileageWise, which has genuinely pleased us with its features, is at the top of the list. MileIQ, DriversNote, and TripLog are also deserving of a shout-out. Others have slick, clever user interfaces that look like a straightforward mileage tracker while offering a tonne of functionality. Some are more well-known than others.

However, in the end, it all comes down to what the software can do for you and how it can help you maximize your tax deductions, no matter what position you may be in.

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