10 MacBook Hidden Benefits

10 MacBook Hidden Benefits

Behind all these big things, small things are often ignored or difficult to find. You can get a MacBook, but you must learn how to use many of its novel and obscure functions. Here are 10 hidden features you should be aware of if you’ve already bought a MacBook Pro but want to learn more about them and use them to help you with your work.

1. Save time by using the digital signature in Preview

You will frequently remove a hard copy of the document you wish to access and then scan it again. This takes time, but you can sign the document electronically using the MacBook’s Preview application instead of printing a hard copy. To have your signature captured and saved for your convenience, you must sign a piece of paper and hold it in front of the webcam. Now you can use it whenever you wish to sign a PDF file digitally.

2. Preview The File Using The Spacebar

You don’t have to open every picture on your tour to find what you’re looking for. The only way to see the file’s contents is to use the space bar, saving you much time. It works with music, video, PDF, Word, and other file types in addition to image files. Time is truly saved.

3. Make use of Spotlight Search

You can accomplish many things with Spotlight Search, which is truly amazing. “Cmd + Space” will launch Spotlight search. Type the name of any file or application to use to open it. It can be used as a calculator to calculate the weather, flight status, the exchange rate of different currencies, and much more. It is a wonderful feature to experiment with.

4. Record Your Speech

The MacBook comes with a speech recognition technology called Dictation that is built-in. It’s simple because you must hit the “fn” key twice to activate the microphone. What you want to write can now be dictated. When finished, click Done to save the document in text format.

5. Capture A Screenshot

Most of the time, you’ll need to save a page’s content, and taking a screenshot is more convenient than copying and pasting. You have a nice option for taking screenshots with MacBook.
To copy and save the dragged area to the desktop, press “Cmd + Shift + 4”.
To copy the selected region and save it to the clipboard, press “Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4” on your keyboard.
Use “Cmd + Shift + 3” to capture the entire screen.
To capture the entire screen and copy it to the clipboard, press “Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 3”.
To screenshot and save a window to the desktop, press “Cmd + Shift + 4 + Space”.
Press “Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 + Spacebar” to screenshot and copy a window.

6. Create a file by dragging the selected text.

The MacBook features this feature, which is helpful. All you have to do to convert the selected text into a text file automatically is drag it to the desktop.

7. Sum Up Your Text

A fascinating option on the MacBook to condense a lengthy text. You must first select all of the text, then right-click and choose “Summarise” from the menu that appears. You need to click on the application, select Services, then Service Settings, then scroll down and select Summary to enable the summary option.

8. Use Emoji

You must only press “Ctrl + Command + Space” to utilize an emoji.

9. Quickly Hide Or Close Apps

You must use the keys “cmd” and “tab” to scroll through your application before pressing “H” or “Q” to hide or finish the application.

10. Alter The Brightness Or Volume

The screen’s brightness and loudness can be changed in quarter-stop steps. Once you release Shift +, you’re done.
These are some of the important MacBook’s hidden benefits that you should use to make your work enjoyable and simple.

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