10 Trendy Clothing Brands For 2021



Many new clothing brands come onto the market every day. Most of these trendy clothing brands are street fashion or fast fashion. However, the decisive factor is which trend brand remains consistent in 2020 and becomes a trend brand for clothing.

Many brands are trying to position themselves in this competitive environment, some clothing brands are successful, and others are suddenly disappearing. Do you want to meet some of the biggest and most popular clothing brands in 2021? Next, here are some trendy clothing brands commonly known as garments that most of us already own.

Top 10 Trending Clothing Brands of 2021

H&M – Fashion Trend We All Love

Hennes & Mauritz, popularly known as H&M, is a trendy Swedish clothing brand that is expanding stores worldwide—registered in India in 2015, successfully grown and ranked in the list of trending clothing brands with a reasonable growth rate.

It is a high-end clothing brand that manufactures ranges of formal and casual clothing. You can buy a good pair of clothes for under Rs 3,500 and get huge discounts on the sale. You can get a good shirt between 500/- and 1000/-.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is best known for its funky and trendy clothes. It is a famous and stylish clothing brand in America. It is another fashion brand that mainly deals with street style and funky fashion. However, this clothing brand is currently facing a significant financial crisis. But developing countries like India are doing business successfully and maybe on the list of trending brands of 2021.

It doesn’t cost too much, you can buy a good pair under 3000r, and during the sale, the prices go down, and you can also get tops and dresses from 500r.

Zara – Fashion brand that created its trend

Well, this brand doesn’t need to be introduced. This Spanish brand is another fashion brand that is also very popular with celebrities. You are not just in the cloths business. But also in accessories, shoes and perfumes.

Zara produces formal and casual clothes, and there are high-end and low-end clothes. Another reason Zara is making it a trend among trendy clothing brands is big celebrities’ special attention and preference. Like H&M, Forever21 and other top fashion brands, ZARA is also inexpensive during the sales period.


Famous Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo arrived in India in 2019. And like most new swerving cloths brands, Uniqlo received a good response in the early stages of its business.

Currently available in Delhi, their stores are slowly growing in the country and have already become the trending clothing brand of 2020. They mainly offer recreational or animated series ties for their clothing line.


ONLY is an international fashion clothing brand founded in Denmark and now does business successfully in India. The brand makes casual and evening wear and continues to work with animated character companies. Mid-range tops between 1000R and 2500R mostly prefer this trendy clothing brand.


“And” was created by famous Indian designer Anita Dongre and is a trendy clothing brand in the Indian retail market. Designer dresses for evening wear are stylish with women from 1000 / – to 4000 / -, and during the sale, you can quickly get dresses under 1k.

Vero Moda

One of the famous brands, Vero Moda, is one of the most famous and respected cloths brands in Europe. These fashionable cloths brands came to India in 2010 and successfully launched them in the market. Known as one of India’s most stylish and affordable fashion brands, Vero Moda mainly designs formal wear rather than casual wear.


Famous for its denim that Levi’s doesn’t know. Levi Strauss & Co., commonly referred to as Levi’s, is a former American company that managed to position itself among the best clothing brands of 2020 in India. This brand intends for casual wear for both men and women, mainly jeans and jackets with t-shirts.


Mango is one of the elegant Spanish fast fashion brands featured in the list of trendy clothing brands of 2020 today. This brand includes not only clothing but also accessories and shoes. This brand usually prefers by the upper-middle class and is very popular and trendy among young people.

Marks & Spencers

Marks & Spencer’s famous British retail brand has already covered metropolitan areas and a few small towns in India. This leading cloths brand sells not only clothing but also accessories and a range of swimwear.

Inspired by European cloths, this brand mostly prefers formal and office casuals. Another reason why it is such a trendy cloths brand is that they offer excellent quality for an affordable price.

Closing remarks:

Here are some of the prominent and trending cloths brands in India that you can think of next time you shop. These favourite fashion brands are also available on online portals such as Myntra.

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