Brad Goreski, a famous American figure, once said, “Putting on new glasses is an easy way to change your look – just like a new hairstyle completely.” It is a universal fact that glasses allow a more dashing person than ever to look ahead and complete their look.So if you want to look fantastic and knock people off, just put on some excellent glasses and let the world envy you! But you still don’t know which brand of glasses to buy? Do not worry! We are here to solve your problem! This article describes the most famous brands to buy sunglasses.

Popular brands of sunglasses to discover!

The best sunglasses come from the best brands! Keep reading the article to learn more about the best brands on the market today.

  1. Ray-Ban

  2. Founded in 1936, Ray-Ban is an Italian-American brand specializing in sunglasses. When we think of sunglasses, the first brand that comes to mind is Ray-Ban. The company produces and markets an ideal selection of sunglasses for men and women. With her trendy and high-quality sunglasses, she completely revolutionized the global sunglasses industry. To take advantage of the incredible collection of discounted glasses, you can buy them online at Myntra. Use promo code Myntra for sunglasses to shop a wide range of trendy Ray-Ban sunglasses for men and women.
  3. Best Known For :  Aviator and Wayfarer


Gucci is one of the top luxury fashion brands today. And when it comes to your glasses, they are just beautiful and yet chic. This Italian brand is known for its new and unique style of sunglasses popular with many celebrities and influencers. The glasses of this brand give you a glamorous look and are worth it!

Best Known For : Square cat-eye sunglasses.

 Dolce & Gabbana

  1. Another luxury brand on the list is Dolce & Gabbana. Started in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the company has gradually become the most profitable fashion brand in the world. With clothing for men and women, brand also produces premium sunglasses that meet the needs of almost everyone! The next time you’re planning on glasses, don’t forget to consider Dolce & Gabbana.
  2. Best Known For: Shrouding Shadows and Airmen.
  1. Christian Dior

  2. No one can ever refuse Christian Dior for his exquisite clothes, perfumes, bags and accessories. The brand has also hit the sunglasses market, taking the industry by storm with its stunning eyewear collection. Whether it is design, durability, comfort or quality, Dior sunglasses certainly meet all the basic requirements and make you fall in love with their products.
  3. Best Known For: Round Frame Pots And Square Pots.


Are you impatient to shop for low budget designer fashion accessories? Then Fastrack is all you need! Founded in 1998, the company is today the leading fashion accessories brand in India. Its accessories Like watches, bags and sunglasses are presently the masters of the market. The sunglasses are gorgeous, of the highest quality and reasonably priced.

Best Known For: Wrap & Aviator Sunglasses.


  1. Do you like to wear charming, original and trendy sunglasses? DKNY can be your companion. The New York-based fashion house is home to some of the best and most luxurious products such as clothing, perfumes, belts and other accessories such as sunglasses. When you wear the colours of DKNY, you are sure to look more gorgeous and graceful than ever. If you are a sunglass lover, make sure you own at least DKNY glasses.
  2. Best Known For: Cat Eye Sunglasses, Oval Sunglasses, Rectangular Sun glasses.


  1. Young men and women today desperately needed cool, unconventional sunglasses. To meet their hopes, IDEE was born in 2000. The company gradually gained widespread attention and became the fastest-growing sunglasses market in the country. This brand is certainly one of the most popular brands among today’s fashionistas with a distinctive appearance.
  2. Best Known For : Oversized Sun glasses, Cat Eye Sun glasses,  Wayfarer, and Butterfly Sun glasses.

Michael Kors

  1. Next up on the list is another American luxury fashion brand, Michael Kors. From watches to jewellery, shoes to perfumes, bags to sunglasses, the company is known in the fashion world for its unique accessories. The attractive and irresistible line of sunglasses is almost everyone’s favourite.
  2. Best Known For: New Age Aviators, Oversized Funky Eyewear, and Cat Eye Sun glasses.


  1. Indian fashion brand Police started making unique sun glasses in 1983. It is currently one of the top-rated eyewear brands in the country. Gradually, the company entered the ready-to-wear and accessories sector. In addition to the sun glasses used by the police, their watches also achieved great fame and conquered the Indian market.
  2. Best Known For: Hikers, Geometric Sun glasses, Aviators, and Round Sun glasses.

Cutler and Gross

  1. Cutler and Gross, revealed in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, is a British eyewear brand that has created its particular name worldwide. It is a breathtaking eyewear series will take your breath away with elegant handmade frames, perfect craft, and a good fit.
  2. Best Known For: Zippy Reflective Glasses, Round glasses, Aviators, and Pinball glasses.


No one is getting bored of sun glasses more and more. Sun glasses are a small but negligible accessory, but they improve an individual’s overall image. If you want heads to turn wherever you go, don’t forget to bring some beaten glasses! And if you don’t have one, the list above can help! And also, let us know in the comments section below if you need any advice on which sun glasses will best suit your face. We are here to help you!

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