Barrows Guide OSRS  – How to Easily Defeat the Barrows Brothers

Barrows Guide OSRS

Barrows Guide OSRS

Barrows Guide OSRS. The Barrows Brothers were six legendary warriors who captured Morytania during the War of the Gods, but most players know them for their epic armor sets. In RuneScape, they’re located in six burial mounds just off the Sanguinesti region in Morytania.

It is the place where players can attack graves and fight ghostly versions of the brothers. In this OSRS Barrows guide, you will learn how to perform this mini-game effectively.

Complete Guide to Barrows on OSRS

The Barrows brothers hit very hard and frequently, with Karil and Dharok being the most unstable. It is why prayer is used during almost most fights, especially when you have low defense. Since prayer quickly empties in the grave, you will likely need a few sips of prayer potions to prepare for the most challenging fights.

Although it is pretty far from any bank, there is now direct teleportation from the Arceuus grimoire, making the bank extremely fast. If you don’t have the magic level, you can still use the teleport tabs at a slightly higher price, which doesn’t affect your profit margins much.

OSRS wheelbarrow configurations

Since we use all three types of attacks, you’ll need to combine magic, range, and/or melee combat. The four melee brothers are extremely weak at attacking damage, making accuracy less critical when looking at your equipment. Most people prefer to use harmful spells that hit magical equipment, like Iban’s Blast or Sea Trident, but any magical spell you can afford will work.

Therefore, your inventory should mainly include your shovel, rune or rune bag, teleport panels, and weapon counters. The rest of the inventory should be set aside for prayer potions, super restorations, highly healing foods (like sharks), and possibly a couple of Saradomin beers if needed.

These are effective:

 Beginner configuration

Helmet of Neitiznot

Proselyte choker

Proselyte thigh

Any divine cloak/fire mantle / Ava device

Dragon boots

Amulet of glory

God book / Dragon Defender

Iban staff

Dragon Scimitar and Rune Crossbow + Large Bolt on the Switch

 Efficient configuration

Serpentine helmet/helmet by Neitiznot

Barrows tank top

Wheelbarrow tank bottom

Karil armor or blessed dragon skin on the counter

Penetrated cloak of God / Hell cloak / Ava device

Averic / Dragon Defender or Elysian Spirit Shield

Amulet of anger/occult necklace

Primeval boots

Ring of the Imbued Prophets / Archer / Berserker


Poisonous smoke closet and abysmal tentacles on the counter

Old magical setup

Ancestral hat/hood from Ahrim

Robe of Ahrim Ancestral

Ancestral robe / Ahrim evening robe

Every cloak of God

Eternal boots

Ring of Imbued Seers

Book of God / Spiritual Arcane Shield

Occult necklace

Wand of Light / Kodai Wand / Ancient Wand

Poisonous smoke closet and abysmal tentacles on the counter

OSRS Barrows Running Guide


Since your prayer fades quite quickly, you should dig straight into Dharok Hill as it is the more fleeting brother. Depending on your DPS, you should be intelligent to kill him without using a prayer potion or food. Be careful, though, because once his health reduces, he will benefit from the bonus effects of his armor. It means that its maximum impact increases as health decreases. So kill him quickly.


From the remaining prayer points, jump to Karil Hill below. Its damage per second is relatively significant. So use prayer or watch your hit points when you fight him. Surprisingly, magic is the most effective at killing him quickly, but you can also hit him out of range or in close combat.

Ahrim, Guthan, Torag, and Verac

Once you’ve killed, you can choose between Ahrim, Guthan, Torag, or Verac, as the order isn’t strictly necessary at this point. If you ignore Verac’s prayers by neglecting the prayer, it would be wise to do it last when you stop praying, as your willpower will fuel his successes anyway. Using ice spells from the Ancient Magicks book allows you to freeze melee brothers and use very few prayer points.

Guide to Barrow’s Tunnels

As mentioned earlier, one of the brothers will be replaced with a tunnel entrance instead, meaning you will have to fight them to find the chest. The availability of swallowing prayer potions is essential as you may end up in a room with no safe location.

As you go through the tunnels, you will need to note which doors are clickable and eventually lead you to the path with the chest. As you interact with each entry, there is a chance that the final brother will appear and attack you. There are some spots with invisible stones or tiles where they can be safely spotted/thrown.

Once you get to the last door of the chest, you will have to solve a relatively simple puzzle. Since you will continue to be hit by enemies, there will only be a short window of time to fix the problem. Once you patronize this mini-game, you will likely memorize the puzzles.

After collecting your drop, teleport to your home to use the catering pool and/or altar. Teleport to a bank of your choice to drop off your drops and get supplies before using Barrow’s teleport for a new race.

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Best Barrows Death Count in OSRS

While you can run straight to your chest with very few kills, the chances of a good fall are pretty slim. At the very least, you’ll have to kill all six brothers to have a good chance of getting a piece of the wheelbarrow.

When it comes to killing side creatures to increase the number of kills, Jagex moderators have confirmed an optimal number of kills, and more is not better. Getting more than 20 kills is entirely unnecessary, although it is good to kill various creatures to affect the runic drops.

How much money can I make with wheelbarrows?

It is difficult to calculate this number because the profit mainly depends on whether the tank armor receives a rare drop. There are significant differences between the prices. If you can do it with maximum character at a relatively high concentration, producing over a million gold per hour is out of the question.

You should probably finish the Mortaynia Hard Diary as it increases Rune Drops by 50%, which is a big part of your bottom line. Morytania Legs 3 also offers unlimited teleports to Rott’s Burgh, allowing for faster banking and a free alternative to using Barrows Tabs.

Final thoughts

Although Barrows is considered old content, Drops are still valuable and are some of the best items in the game. With the new gear and teleportation updates, wheelbarrow races just got easier, which is why some parts have fallen in price. I hope this OSRS Barrows guide helps you earn money fast or complete your Barrow armor collection.

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