Persona 6: 5 things it should & shouldn’t implement from Persona 5

Persona 6

Persona 6

  1. While fans are already anticipating the next title in the Persona series(Persona 6), there are a few things from the previous games that shouldn’t be included.

Persona 5 was a more significant success than developer Atlus could have predicted. The RPG series has broken out of its niche and hit the public for the first time. With its unique characters, gripping story, and fantastic gameplay, players are already looking forward to Persona 6, although there is little news about the game.

Persona 5 got many things right, and fans wonder how Persona 6 will manage to beat it. The former got many things right, but some things probably shouldn’t be in Persona 6. Here are some things from Persona 5 that should and shouldn’t be implemented in Persona 6.

1. Should: Great soundtrack

Persona 5 soundtrack album art

The Persona 5 soundtrack is perhaps one of the best in the game. From his exploration and battle songs on jazz and rock themes to the fantastic vocals of Lyn Imaizumi, the soundtrack is great for relaxing and playing.

Despite all of the significant changes in the series, one thing that has remained pretty consistent since Persona 3 is that each game has its soundtrack. Persona 6 should stick to this aspect with the new singer they take on.

2. Shouldn’t: students follow

Joker correctly answers a question in P5: Royal

So far, every Persona game has accompanied a group of students through the adventure and battle they encounter. It might not be the end of the world if Persona 6 followed high school kids, but it would make a nice change of pace.

Not much can be done with these backgrounds until they are stale. For example, chasing a group of students would be a breath of fresh air and inspire developers to do more with the characters given to them.

3. Should: Unique U.I.

Joker battles a shadow in P5 and shows off the game’s unique user interface

The user interface is often overlooked in games. It should be light and fluid on the eyes to easily navigate the game’s menu. Persona 5’s U.I. All of this and more with an eye-catching visual style reminiscent of comics and manga. It fits the tone of the game perfectly.

Persona 6 should have it too, but in a different style than Persona 5. It’s unclear what the next game’s plot would involve, but the U.I. should match this game’s tone.

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4. Shouldn’t: animal mascots

Left to right: Official illustration by Teddie for Persona 4: The Golden, Koromaru in Persona 3: The Movie, and Morgana in a trailer for Persona 5

Since Persona 3, the games have had an animal mascot for each subsequent round. That game had Koromaru, Persona 4 had Teddie, and Persona 5 had Morgana.

While each is memorable characters in their way, there’s not much you can do with an animal mascot beforehand; much like high school kids, the idea gets stale. Persona 6 should pause to have an animal mascot or separate the next one from the others.

5. Should: Showtime attacks

Ryuji and Makoto’s Showtime attack in P5R

Showtime attacks first appeared in the royal version of Persona 5. It’s a special attack when two characters in the group come together for a special episode that is both beautiful to look at and satisfying.

Before each train is unlocked, two group members discuss it before it is opened. It was an excellent way to see the Phantom Thieves develop the chemistry, and it’s something that Persona 6 should have included for both story and gameplay purposes.

6. Should not: side negotiations

Parallel trading in action in P5R

Persona 5 left behind card mechanics from previous games and brought negotiation to the shadows. It was the best way to get new characters outside of the fusion method and get money and items. It sounds good, but each shade has its unique personality that affects what can and cannot be said about each.

The game didn’t specify which shadows had which personalities until they were added to the player’s collection. Royal approached the problem a bit by suggesting what to say, but not by much. It would be best if the negotiations were left outside of Persona 6.

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7. Should: Third semester

Phantom Thieves speak to Sumire before entering Maruki’s Palace in the third semester of the game

Persona 5: Royal has added a third semester to play if the player meets certain conditions. Unlocking is worth it, as it allows players to complete one of the game’s big confidants that they might have missed. It would be a good idea to implement it in Persona 6 to have it there first. It would avoid what Royal did with the original Persona 5, which made the latter quite obsolete.

8. Shouldn’t: Limited access to nightlife activities in some places

Morgana’s famous sleep line in P5

Sometimes in Persona 5, there are times when Joker couldn’t come out at night due to events that happened that day. It is highly annoying as players have to try and do whatever they can with the time they have available, and it looks like the game is preventing them from doing so.

Royal improved things a bit by letting the player do more around Leblanc, but it was the best he could do. Persona 6 needs to avoid this to avoid making the player feel like the experience has betrayed them.

9. Should: Familiar Gameplay Bonus

The confidential menu in Persona 5

In Personas 3 and 4, Familiar / Social Bonds outside of the player’s group only granted a bonus for merging the established Arcane Familiar characters. Persona 5 changed that by having this and adding combat and daily bonuses provided by all confidants, not just party members.

It results in the player engaging with familiar ones to get to know them better and see who they are as people. It is notably the best part of the Persona series and should be a must-have in Persona 6.

10. Should not: be tied to a male main character

The female protagonist attacks an enemy in Persona 3: Portable

Only two persona games did not have a male main character. It is Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, which had a feeling which was already established as a protagonist. The other is Persona 3: Portable, which gives the player the option to play as a female character.

Girls are a huge part of the gaming community. While other games include the ability to play as a female character, Persona has fallen behind since Persona 3: Portable. Persona 6 could reach a larger audience by giving players the option to choose the gender of the main characters.

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