7 Essential iPhone Accessories for Vloggers

You can start vlogging just with your iPhone! While that statement is technically true, a vlogger who only works with elementary hardware doesn’t get far in the highly modest vlogging landscape. Online content standards have risen dramatically since YouTube’s inception: audiences demand high-fidelity videos with impeccable production values. You’ll also need to get creative to stand out from other creators vying for views on your platform of choice.

You need more than just an iPhone 14 Pro Max case to get the job done. Overhauling your lighting setup, improving your video editing skills, and improving audio are just a few of the upgrades to consider if you’re looking to cater to social media sensitivities. If you are uncertain where to start, we have compiled this list of essential iPhone accessories to help you get your vlogging off to a good start.


1. A tough phone case

Your iPhone is at the heart of your vlogging process, so protecting it is a top priority. The most effective protection is a rugged phone case, which offers total protection from the elements while offering the possibility of a personalized touch. You can personalize phone cases with images by simply inserting a photo into a clear iPhone. It adds a sentimental touch that goes beyond what the designs on the market can offer.

2.LED panel or ring light

Another big upgrade is the lighting. By controlling the lighting at the shooting location, you improve your appearance and everything else in the picture. A simple LED panel is suitable for evenly illuminating a room. A ring light enhances your on-camera appearance for closer shots by evenly illuminating your face from different angles. Most have features for varying the light’s colour, tone, and intensity. Both options improve the scene when shooting at night or in dimly lit places.

3.A tripod, a gimbal, or both

iPhone camera stabilization is key to making your photos even better. The most common way to stabilize your camera is to use a tripod, which is still a solid solution in most cases. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t include gimbals in the discussion. This stabilization accessory is portable enough to fit comfortably in a backpack or pocket. If you’re vlogging while walking, it cannot be easy to stabilize the camera without a gimbal. Consider getting both pieces of gear to improve your shooting versatility greatly.

 4.A lens accessory

The iPhone camera alone is incredibly powerful when it comes to raw footage. However, finding the perfect angle that shows the background can be difficult with the standard lens. To solve this problem, order a special lens accessory that provides wide-angle functionality. If you want to go pro, you can opt for an anamorphic lens that will give you even more customization in your shots. Give your viewers a satisfying glimpse into your life by capturing the entire space you’re filming in.

5.An external microphone

Your audio quality is just as significant as the camera lens. Probably even more, since many of your viewers may be doing other things while your vlog is running in the background, an external microphone plugged into your iPhone can effectively take your audio to a professional level. You can raise the bar with directional microphones that isolate the person’s voice directly in front of the camera. Opt for a small, discreet microphone accessory to save yourself the hassle. You want a portable device that doesn’t become bulky throughout the day.

6.A storage solution

When filming outside your home studio, you need a way to store all your gear. Any duffle bag or container will do, but a dedicated backpack is best. While most regular backpacks will do, a dedicated videographer backpack with bespoke compartments for your various tools will make travel much more convenient. Tailor-made compartments protect your gear during travel. The photo material is very delicate. The last thing you want is for your items to collide and get damaged.

 7.Video editing software

Whether you make a mistake or someone accidentally enters your shot, there comes a point in every shot where the faulty footage needs to be removed from the final vlog. Cutting that extra footage is easy with video editing software. There are free apps with enough features to get you started, and premium licenses are always available with additional features. You can save time by reframing small mistakes and keeping the rest in one shot. Plus, your audience will appreciate the extra effort of getting into the editing booth before downloading.

Combine everything for the best chance of success.

Any of the above devices will greatly improve your ability to create content for your vlog. In case you’re wondering, Android vloggers can use the same tools. Just make sure you get an Android phone case compatible with your device. Every item on this list is worth the investment and effort, no matter your phone. If you use all these important tools daily, you can pave your way to becoming a vlogging star.

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