Learning About Straight Lines and Their Slope

Learning About Straight Lines and Their Slope

Learning About Straight Lines and Their Slope

Many math concepts hold great relevance and are very much useful in real life too. Mathematics is something that goes with a person in the long run. It helps a person understand things around them and make their lives easier. Usually, students tend to find mathematics a very difficult subject. But with practice, anyone can master it. It’s not anything difficult. There are so many ways parents can safeguard that their students understand the concepts of mathematics well in the beginning only so that they don’t have to face problems later.

Equation forms the basis of mathematics. And at various stages, one is required to create and solve equations. The equations can be presented on the graphs, and then further calculations can be done easily. The shape of the graph depends upon the type of equation. If the power of all the x or y in the equation is 1, the equation will form a straight line. If the power of any x or y in the equation is 2, it will create a parabola or a hyperbola.

The slope is a word very commonly heard concerning lines of equations. The pitch is the value that gives the steepness of the line. It helps in measuring how steep the line is for the axis. That is generally presented by the letter m.

It is very easy to find the slope of a line that passes through two points

m = (y1 – y2) / (x1 – x2)

For example-

If the two points through which the line passes are (1, 2), (-1, -1)

Then the slope will be –

m = (-1-2) / (-1-1)

m = 3/2

The slope of the line pass through (1, 2) and (-1, -1) is 3/2

  • The slope has many real-life applications-

In building streets, it is very necessary to decide what the steepness of the road should be. In this case, the slope is used to keep the road optimally steep.

  • Skiers/snowboarders need to think about the inclines of slopes to pass judgment on the risks, speeds, and so forth. According to the slope only, they decide their technique.
  • While building stairs inclines, the slant is a significant thought. It is very important to ensure that the stairs are neither too steep nor too gentle. Thus, slope helps in deciding the appropriate steepness.
  • While constructing ramps, appropriate steepness also needs to be ensured to allow people to climb them or get down easily.
  • In drawings and paintings, too, inclines or slopes of the lines drawn should be considered to choose what might be the most stylishly satisfying to the eye. However, the lines need to be appropriately sloped.
  • There are many forms of linear equations-

  1. 1.Slope intercept-

Y = mx + b


m = slope of the line

b = y-intercept

Example, in the equation y = 3x + 2

3 is the slope of the line, and 2 is the y-intercept of the line.

  1. 2.Point Slope form –

(y – y1) = m (x – x1)


m = slope of the line

y1, x1 = points that the line passes through

  1. 3.Standard form-

Ax + By = C


A, B, C are constants.

Thus, the concept of slopes and equations is important, and students should understand them thoroughly.

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