What exactly is the Master's Tournament?

What exactly is the Master's Tournament?

 One of professional golf’s four major championships,the 85th Master’s Golf Tournament is one of the largest sporting events of the year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Master’s event last year didn’t end until November. However, this year’s Masters may take place during the first complete week of April, as it did in their original timeline.

They begin on April 5, Monday, and last until the following Sunday. The first Master’s Tournament was held in 1934 and was co-designed by Bobby Jones, who also created Augusta National.

The Master’s competition consists of four rounds, each with 18 holes. The first two rounds of competition are played in groups of three, with players alternating partners. After opening three holes, the field is reduced to the top 50 competitors or those within 10 strokes of the lead. The prize fund for this year is $11.5 million!

When will the Master’s Golf Tournament being held in 2021?

The Master’s Tournament will take place at Augusta National and will be broadcast live starting on April 9 and running through April 11. The COVID-19 epidemic caused the Master’s Tournament to be postponed for seven months the previous year; However, this year’s tournament will begin during the first full week of April, as it has in the past. On Thursday, April 8, the early rounds of the 85th Master’s Tournament will begin, and ESPN, CBS Sports, and all relevant streaming websites and apps will broadcast them. With some opportunity for delays, the subsequent rounds will occur on Saturday, April 10, and Sunday, April 11. 

The Master’s Tournament will be covered by ESPN and the Golf Channel beginning on Thursday, April 8, and running through the tournament’s conclusion.

Online Masters Golf Tournament Streaming Instructions

The Master’s Tournament is broadcast on ESPN, CBS, YouTube TV, Hulu, the ESPN app, the CBS Sports app, and the ESPN app. The CBS Sports App allows you to stream the Master’s Golf Tournament for free, while most platforms demand that you pay a monthly fee for the service. Similar setups have been employed for March Madness and other athletic events by the CBS Sports App, which is accessible on most smartphones and tablets.

Sling TV Orange will let you watch the tournament through ESPN if all you want to stream are the preliminary rounds. Please be aware that you would require a Sling TV subscription to the Orange plan, not simply the basic setup.

How to Stream the Masters using a VPN

You might need to use a streaming VPN if you are outside of the US to stream the Master’s Golf Tournament. This results from ESPN and CBS only allowing US subscribers to view their content. This can be easily avoided by altering your computer’s IP address with a VPN. Is that technical? It isn’t! It’s simple to start.

Just adhere to these easy steps:

  1. Register for a VPN
  2. Join a server in a nation where the Masters will be streamed.
  3. the ESPN or CBS Sports app and sign up
  4. From the comfort of your own home, view the awards

The Advantages of VPN Streaming the Masters

Using a VPN can let you get around annoying geo-restrictions so you can watch the Masters golf competition. While You may get live, up-to-the-minute streams of the Masters by using a VPN instead of waiting for another website to collect them.  Moreover the performance of your streaming can also be enhanced by using a VPN. It’s a fantastic approach to prevent throttling or annoying buffering that your ISP might apply to your connection. Get a VPN once to take charge of your viewing experience and stop waiting to find out who wins the Masters Tournament!

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