Most Popular React Bootstrap Themes

Most Popular React Bootstrap Themes

Most Popular React Bootstrap Themes

It could be challenging to design an intuitive user interface for your website’s control panel. Since this is the only method for it to improve in look, There are several things to consider. Make a design-conscious and eye-catching user interface using the react-bootstrap template. Utilizing these templates is easy. Their best feature is that they are made to serve a particular purpose. React-bootstrap themes enable you to realize your vision for stunning and innovative features for the design of your website, as explained in this blog post.

The discussion will centre on the top react-bootstrap templates and themes. Both Bootstrap and React are web development frameworks for incorporating pre-existing functionality. In exchange for efficiency and dependability, using Bootstrap templates means giving up some versatility. You can work with react js developers to implement Bootstrap correctly. You can prevent time-consuming issues and potentially dangerous ones.

UI Architect (Most Popular)

Architect UI is a free Dashboard that is both small and powerful. It comes in two flavours: basic JavaScript with Gulp and Yarn, Babel, and Webpack. It’s an excellent option for a React Bootstrap 5 template as well. It is made for modern apps and employs cutting-edge technology to integrate HTML with React-bootstrap. Modules, widgets, and components are only a few of the various functionalities that are available. Based on how the members have stood put together, this one appears to be the best.


One hundred fifty components will be combined and rearranged to generate new flows and elements.

Nine dashboard designs are available.

Light colour schemes are easy to work with.

Templates that have many pages

There are 25 distinct types of buttons available, each with a unique colour scheme.


Poco is an excellent choice if you want to try something different. Except for Poco, every React Bootstrap template has a distinctive and appealing appearance. It has a tonne of goodies to get your admin panel up and running immediately. The cryptocurrency, eCommerce, and financial dashboards are separate from one another.


Available is a starter kit.

Stunning & Morden Design

It includes an admin theme that is simple and stylish and has nine different layout options.

Ongoing Updates

Quality Verification Code


Vuexy React is a React Bootstrap admin template that is easily configurable and geared for developers. Reactstrap BS4, Create React App, and Redux are all employed. It is compatible with Todo, Chat, eCommerce, and other applications. Through Vuexy Admin, advanced cards are provided for maps, statistics, analytics, eCommerce, weather, charts, and interactive. There is support for Angular and ReactJS. One of the complete administration packages is made possible by the fact that it also enables internationalization. Including a profile, knowledge base, search, authentication, and more, this fantastic reactions admin panel design includes over 100 pages. RTL support, UI/UX tools, and other useful features are all present in this template.


Navigation Made Simple with RTL

Customization is possible with the multilingual Figma and Sketch data tables.

The light and dark layout is offered.

React to Material Dashboard 2

The next theme on our list of React Bootstrap Themes is Material Dashboard 2 Pro. It’s not just a template; it’s a fully functional admin dashboard designed by Creative Tim that is developer-friendly, feature-rich, and highly customizable. This template contains over 200 frontend particular elements, such as buttons, input fields, navigation bars, alerts, etc. All components are changeable by using the MUI styled() API and the sx prop. You’ll save time going from a prototype to fully functional code because every component has been implemented.


Over 70 distinct pieces inspired by Google’s Material Design

Inspirational pages from examples

Detailed instructions created by the developers

Monitor Argon React

Dashboard Argon, The React Bootstrap template React, is another created by Creative Tim. You can combine and match more than 100 parts however you choose. SaSS files can change the colour of any component’s available colour selections. Time is conserved since every aspect—from the prototype to the finished code—is implemented—several pre-built elements on this dashboard speed up the development process. Accessing the actual website from one of our sites is straightforward. Numerous states for colours, styles, hovering over, and focusing on each piece are easily accessible and usable.


Customized Components

specific plugins

Publication of Community Support

Completely Responsive Sample Pages

Shards Dashboards Lite React

Shards Dashboards light React, another React bootstrap theme on the list. A free, fast, and responsive template is called Shards Dashboard. Despite being created from the ground up, it adheres to all contemporary development best practices. It includes over a half-dozen original components and over a thousand icons from the FontAwesome and Material icon sets.


120+ Blocks

350+ components

15 premade layout pages

13 categories for perfect digital products


The use of Rectify is straightforward. This React bootstrap template was made with Redux-thunk, Redux, Bootstrap, and Webpack. Responsive and supporting RTL languages, Reactify’s built-in language translation system is available.Due to the integration of API methods, handling your stuff is simple. It can be used to generate a dynamic listing page selection as well.Additionally, it offers useful widgets that you can use to present various statistics creatively on websites and dashboards. One of the most excellent react-bootstrap templates, it makes use of the best tools available, including Redux Thunk, React Strap, Reacts, React, Bootstrap, Material UI, HMR, Firebase, Webpack, Redux Thunk, and React Strap, as well as Auth0, Code Splitting, and Async Loading.


Support For Multiple Languages & RTL

Extraordinary Report and Summary

30+ chart widget

Integrate with Firebase

Over 65 unique Widgets


The Sigma admin dashboard template is create by using React 16, Redux, and Bootstrap 4.1. It has eight navigation bars, three layouts, different navigational styles, more than 500 items in each design, and elements that can be customized and reused.


A hot module reloading

In addition more than 500 widgets and 100 pages

Construct a SASS and React app package.

Over 1500 font icons

The end is near!

The top 8 React Bootstrap themes are listed along with their features in the section.The use of ReactJS and Bootstrap together results in the most delicate responsiveness and individuality. The best solution for your subsequent project is a bootstrap-based react admin template.

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