What is a Reload Button, and where can I find it? Types of Reloads



The “Reload” button works when the info displayed on the web page is old. “The page you redisplay to get the content update is called ‘Reload.'” It can also do by pressing the “F5” function key, also known as the Reload key.

Where can I find the reload button?

  • Google Chrome says “Reload this page” but has the same role as “Refresh.”
  • In both cases, you can use the “F5” function key or the reload button or [Ctrl] + [R].
  • For the keyboards with function keys, the “F5” key, which operates with a single key, is more convenient.

Did you know that Google Chrome offers three types of “Reload Buttons”?

Generally, Many individuals use Google Chrome to browse websites on their PCs and smartphones. Google-related services have evolved and come with valuable features every day. If you feel uncomfortable, you might have missed some features or services.

  • Whether you use Google regularly or someone you don’t know, you can’t live without it.
  • Let me share some tips that you can get if you are familiar with “Google Chrome” and the services provided by Google.
  • Reloading a web page can be a normal process if the web page does not appear or you want to update the SNS timeline.

By the way, did you know that Chrome has three refills? Normal reload, hard reload, clear cache, and hard reload. The reload force is different in the sequence.

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Normal reload may not update the image

“Normal reload” is called a reload by clicking the “Reload” button in the toolbar. Since it uses widely, it is helpful to learn the key combination [Ctrl] + [R] or the reload key [F5]. However, this method can leave old images updated.

Hard reload with which the images get updated

“Reload” removes the cache of referenced image files and CSS files from the displayed web page and reloads them. The cache is a mechanism for momentarily storing information about web pages viewed in the past and resulted in a faster display.

However, it can be inconvenient when you want to see the latest information. You may want to see if the webpage is paused, if the image isn’t updating, or if the cloud upload PDF isn’t updating.

Some people can use it to clear the cache for web development. However, it isn’t easy to go to the settings screen one at a time. The hotkey is [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R] or the Reload button, which is [Shift] + [F5].

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Clear and reload the cache for more profound updates

The third “clear cache and hard reload” removes the secondary cache and reloads it in addition to “hard reload.” For Instance, you can update the cache of dynamically read files from JavaScript that executes on the displayed web page.

If you are a general user, this can be used as a last resort if you still want to proofread as the web application behavior is strange.

There is no shortcut key. Press the F12 key to access [Developer], right-click the [Reload This Page] button on the toolbar, or press and hold to choose a function from the menu that appears.