Taking the Complication Out of Christmas Decorations


People celebrate Christmas for many reasons, but above and beyond your reason behind celebrating, there is no denying that Christmas is also a huge amount of fun! Decorating for the festive season is a bonding experience and a fun activity to do together for many families.

If you want a bit of motivation to help you bring your year to a close in a festive way, keep reading, as we will be investigating different ways to decorate using different kinds of Christmas tree decorations, Christmas lights and more, to help you find the right style for you!

Make accents work for you

Accents are the secret to saving money on decorations. If you go the maximalist route, you are setting yourself up for major expense and layout – not to mention time! However, if you take a slightly more minimalist approach, you will still achieve maximum impact using accent decoration. It’s all about creating focal points. A choice selection of throw cushions, a lamp or two, a few strategically strung Christmas lights, and you will be on your way!

Also, consider using centerpieces, like snowmen, Santa, or stockings, if you prefer a traditional look, in your table décor, rather than going in-depth on each place setting. Mini Christmas tree decorations, ribbons, and foliage can create a beautiful overall look, and if traditional Christmas décor doesn’t do it for you, why not branch out into trying a more abstract décor style?

It’s green, they say

Green brings life, and even in snowy or dark climates, a bit of evergreen foliage, or other natural materials, like sticks and pinecones, can bring a lot of realness to your Christmas décor scheme! If you are a low-maintenance person, or the thought of collecting items outside doesn’t appeal to you, you can still add some green to your display with an artificial Christmas tree.

Another way to create a homely look is to make use of handmade decorations. You don’t even have to be great crafty – simply repurpose items you already have lying around the house in creative ways!

What is the greatest type of Christmas tree to get?

It will all come down to whether your style prefers a natural or artificial tree. Your Christmas tree should fit into your chosen aesthetic, but it should also fit in with your beliefs and values. If you are against plastic, you will be better off ethically choosing a natural tree. If you lack space or are poor at the upkeep of maintenance of a real tree, you might have to consider a plastic one.

The decorations you choose will follow suit – perhaps you are garlands and tinsel person, or maybe you simply prefer something minimal, like a few strings of Christmas lights.

If you like garlands, remember – you don’t have to be a victim of gravity! Work your decorations from the top to the bottom of the tree to prevent misplacement of weight, and use thin wire to help keep your creation in place once the garlands have been hung. You are not on a mission to defy physics – your mission is to create a visually beautiful and cohesive festive display, so don’t shy away from calling in the help of extra tools, like hooks and wires, to create your overall experience.

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Do I have to wait until December to put up my Christmas tree?

Most people believe the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas itself to be an appropriate window to put up your tree. If you are hoping to score a few good deals on Black Friday, this is the perfect time frame to take advantage of the discounts available at that time of the year! Care for the ultimate Christmas décor savings hack? Buy your decorations the day after Christmas. Sure, you might have to wait another year to use them, but if saving money is your end game, this is the best strategy to do so!

After Christmas, it is considered good form to remove the decorations within the first week of January. Some people like having the décor up for longer, and as always, it comes down to the individual and what works for you.