Top 9 Apps To Advance Your Career

Top 9 Apps To Advance Your Career

We are all aware of how difficult it may be to find a job these days. Some even went so far as to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on consultants and experts to advance their careers. What if we told you that the key to landing a job or advancing your career is already within your wallet?

These apps can therefore be helpful to you whether you need help updating your résumé, networking, or getting ready for a lengthy interview.

1. Star Resume

What is the most annoying aspect of job searching? It involves making your resume. Do not worry; Resume Star is an application that helps you quickly and easily create the ideal resume for you—all from your smartphone. You only need to submit all the necessary information on the website. Following that, the software will automatically create a flawless and focused resume in PDF format to aid in your job search. Given its ease, this app’s $24.99 price tag is thought to be a great deal.

2. LinkedIn (Free)

The most well-known app is LinkedIn. You can quickly network and connect with others thanks to this software. You will also be able to research several professions that meet your needs and preferences in terms of pay, location, and many other factors.

You can also improve your professional reputation by sharing updates and connecting with other users on the social site. Although LinkedIn is free, a premium subscription service called LinkedIn Premium is also available. Online lectures, seminars, and details on who is looking at and searching for you on LinkedIn are just a few of the extra features of the premium version.

3. Switch (Free)

Switch resembles the fuel of the workplace. You can swipe right on job posts in this app that interest you and swipe left on those that don’t. If an employer is interested in your resume, they will swipe right for you because they can see your credentials but not your name.

This approach enables an impartial, non-discriminatory technique of employment matching between businesses and employees. If you both swipe right, you and the recruiting manager are one step closer to getting that ideal job. Furthermore, you don’t need to be concerned about your existing employer discovering your profile. This is because any businesses listed on your resume would not see your profile.

4.SimplyHired (Free)

While looking for a career, it’s critical to keep your options open. As the expression goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. To advance your career or switch employers, it is crucial to search alternative job listing websites.

You may get a thorough list of open positions from businesses with SimplyHired. Additionally, this website links to your LinkedIn profile, making it more straightforward for you to submit job applications from an Android phone or tablet. You can store job postings on our website that interest you in reviewing them later.

5. Glassdoor (Free)

Prior study is essential before committing to a business. No matter how deeply you delve into the company’s history, getting insider information is still the most excellent method to learn more. Glassdoor provides intimate details about potential employment, such as employee reviews of the CEO, company-specific data, and even comments from previous applicants.
This application is designed on the principle of transparency by giving users a window into the shared corporate culture of the employees. All the material published on this website aims to help you choose wisely when looking for a job.

6.Meeting (Free)

For a successful job search or professional advancement, networking is essential. Your relationships determine your possibilities and ability to land a job. Although technology has made it possible for us to interact and network online, it might be difficult to shake some real hands.

Utilizing Meetup, you may look through local events, whether a gathering focused on your hobbies, like music or technology, or something related to your alternatives for a career or job. Doing this may narrow down the groups that interest you and widen your network.

7. Udemy

Check out Udemy if you’re considering developing an existing talent or learning a new one. This app provides a range of courses at various pricing points that are relevant to various themes. By taking the courses offered, many people use this online platform to enhance their resumes. Udemy is prepared to assist you with your job search, whether you want to pick up a new skill in affiliate marketing or raise your self-esteem by enrolling in a course on self-confidence.

8. Ginger (Free)

Have you ever mistakenly sent a crucial email to someone and then discovered it too late? Do not worry; Ginger can help you identify and repair these problems in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. This tool helps you ensure that all of your correspondence with your employers is precisely what it should be by installing the browser extension.

9. Sample Interview Questions and Responses (Free)

The terrifying aspect of job hunting is going through an interview. With the help of this app, you may look up some of the interview questions. You can hone your abilities to respond to those queries by doing this.

This platform also provides an example of the type of reaction managers and employers are looking for. You can then tailor your responses to the requirements of your potential employers by being adaptable with your responses. This practical tool is suggested to help you calm the butterflies in your tummy before an interview.

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