Top Emerging Trends In The Engineering Industry In 2021


Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech), popularly known as engineering, is a four-year program divided into eight semesters. The course is a popular choice among science background students with physics, chemistry, and mathematics. As the Information Technology (IT) industry in India is growing at a magnificent velocity, the demand for engineers is skyrocketing. Thus, it is the best time to launch your career in the IT industry by opting for an engineering program. If you are confused about choosing the most in-demand B. Tech program, you can consider engineering colleges in Dehradun to gain an edge over competitors.

Why in Dehradun?

There are around 6,000 B. Tech colleges in India that provide engineering programs in various disciplines. However, engineering colleges in Dehradun are popular for offering new-age B. Tech programs with a cutting-edge syllabus. Some leading engineering colleges in Dehradun also guarantees hundred percent placement to students with a promise of holistic development.

What are the top emerging trends in the engineering industry in 2021?

Here is the list of the most in-demand engineering courses that promise a bright career to students in 2021.

1.      Advanced materials and nanotechnology

As governments worldwide encourage energy-efficient products or technologies, B. Tech in advanced materials and nanotechnology is gaining popularity among students with a scientific mind. The course delivers a deep understanding of the minutest molecules and nanoscience. Upon completing the program, students can work with Ambuja Cement, Torrent Power, and Hyundai Motor Group.

2.      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) jobs are in high demand. It considers being the fastest-growing job across the world. From Google Maps to digital assistants, today, people can find that Artificial Intelligence is surrounding us. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global Artificial Intelligence market size expects to climb by USD 266.92 billion over the next six years.

3.      Computer science engineering

As the IT company is expanding, the demand for computer science engineers is soaring. It is one of the most opted engineering programs among students and also pays well. The four-year program equips students with a deep understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Upon completing the program, students can work with India’s top product and service-based companies as web developers, cybersecurity consultants, or data analysts.

4.      Petroleum engineering

It is one of the most mandated branches of the industry. Students with a B. Tech degree in petroleum engineering can produce hydrocarbons like crude oil, natural gas, or heavy oils. As a result, India is churning out petroleum engineers in large numbers to meet the growing demand for electricity and power supply to industries.

5.      Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineers are among the highest-paid engineers in the world. This branch of engineering deals with aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, and missile designing. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, aerospace engineers’ employment grows by 3 percent between 2019 and 2029.

Students with B. Tech degrees in these new-age programs are preferred more over others. So, enroll in these programs to stand apart.