HP Laptop

HP Laptop

HP Stream is famous for a reason: it is a range of inexpensive laptops from a significant brand that is widely available. But is it delicious? We took the most recent model – the 11-am – to try it out in our test lab. It complements several cheaper laptop alternatives from HP itself and competitors such as Lenovo, Acer, and Asus, all of which promise quality at a lower cost. Find out if any of these inexpensive models are on our list of the best laptops we’ve tested.

HP Stream 11-aka lightweight, portable, and affordable laptop

If you are primarily looking for a lightweight laptop, the Stream 11-ak is an excellent place to start. The newest model is the lightest Stream we’ve tested and weighed just over a kilogram. And if an extended period of use on the go is also on your must-haves list, HP’s claims of 13 hours of battery life should pique your interest. We believe that very inexpensive laptops are more likely to achieve battery life than expensive models, thanks to their very low power consumption processors.

So there is every chance that this HP Stream could. Be a steady job. As you would expect, the low price of this laptop has some drawbacks. Performance is a common compromise on cheaper laptops. However, it is to be welcomed that HP has upgraded its stream-line processor to an Intel Celeron N4000, which has been a lower-spec N3060 model for the past few years. The processor has a more significant impact on your laptop’s speed than anything else. While very cheap laptops never set the world on fire in terms of performance, there is still a considerable difference between laptops: the fastest and the slowest.

The screen is not as sharp as on more expensive laptops. It only has a resolve of 1366 x 768 pixels, technically HD, but not Full HD. Full HD displays look much sharper and offer more definitive text due to the 1920 x 1080 resolution’s extra pixels. There is a little extra motivation to buy this laptop over the others. It comes with one year of Microsoft Office 365 Personal, which comes with OneDrive storage and full Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Publisher, and Access. It would cost £ 60. Stream laptops have always existed in a wide variety of colors, which is right here. In addition to the white model tests (11-ak0502sa), you can also select pink and blue options (11-ak0500sa and 11-ak0501sa) if necessary.

Are HP Stream Laptops Any Decent?

HP first announced its Stream laptop line in 2014 to promise to use cloud computing to “make it easier to work and play from more places”. The range consisted of ultra-light and very affordable laptops starting at around £ 200. After five years, and this is still true, the current content of 11- and 14-inch models are always available for roughly the same price. Since November 2014, Which one? Tested nine different models of Stream laptop and got an average score of 61%. It may not sound impressive, but we tested 109 other laptops in this price range with an average score of 60% over the same period. In other words, over the previous few years, HP Stream laptops have outperformed mid-budget laptops.

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Do you want a bigger screen? Try the HP Stream 14

If you’re looking for a little more leeway, a 14-inch HP Stream 14 is the right choice. We tested two of this size – the more basic model hits that magic 200lb rating, but with the same resolution as the new 11-ak, you might notice even more lack of sharpness. It also has a slower N3060 processor, so there is a trade-off with the larger size. Deliver our HP Stream 14 review to find out more.

If you choose the higher-spec Stream 14 (dg0521sa), you get a faster processor, better graphics, and more storage – but it’ll set you back over $ 300. Read our analysis of the HP Stream 14 (dg0521sa) to see if it’s worth it. We have a lot of information about how reliable HP as a brand and how satisfied they are with that? Members are with their HP purchases. Our guide to the most trusted laptop brands shows how the company does it.

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