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How The Epidemic (Covid – 19) Is Affecting The Global Remittances Sector?

The latest estimates released in the World Bank’s Migration and Development Brief predict a 14 percent drop in migrant workers’ remittances home by 2021 versus pre-COVID-19 terms in 2019. There will be a 7 percent decline in remittances to low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in 2020, followed by another 7.5 percent decline in 2021, to […]

Highest Paying Programming Languages in 2021-22 (Global survey)

Highest Paying Programming Languages: Stack Overflow released the results of its 2021 Developer Survey on August 7. The results highlight an array of sentiment and business intelligence, such as: Which programming languages ​​developers love and which should you learn if you want to get the most from your money? Best Programming Languages: Loved, Hated, and […]

How To Edit Your GoPro Videos on Mac?

How To Edit Your GoPro Videos on Mac: When it comes to memories, if it is worth remembering, then it is worth capturing. It goes to give gratitude to those who have had a part to play in the invention and modification of cameras. With cameras, we can also revisit old memories and reminisce on […]

Learning About Straight Lines and Their Slope

Many math concepts hold great relevance and are very much useful in real life too. Mathematics is something that goes with a person in the long run. It helps a person understand things around them and make their lives easier. Usually, students tend to find mathematics a very difficult subject. But with practice, anyone can […]

3 Swing Trading Strategies You Should Know

3 Swing Trading Strategies: Investing in the stock market by buying stocks periodically and holding for the long-term isn’t the only way to make money. Swing trading can also helps us to extract profits. This method is typically completes in time frames equaling a day to several weeks. What Is Swing Trading? Swing trading mixes […]

Guide to Free up Enough Storage on Your Mac’s Drive

The lack of space on their computer is a common problem among MacBook owners. While Apple devices are known for their innovation, features, reliability, and longevity, they are not always the best when it comes to certain hardware decisions. Mac’s are quite expensive, and by investing money, one would expect to get a decent laptop. […]

FIXED – Physical Memory Dumped Error

Physical Memory Dumped Error: Whether you are using an old computer or a new one, at some point, you will see this “physical memory dumped error” appearing on your computer screen. This error may have occurred while installing windows and software or playing games, or maybe between some of your important processing jobs. Sometimes you […]

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