How to Fix The Keyboard When Keyboard Is Not Working?



The laptop keyboard is an essential part of using it. If the laptop keyboard does not work, the laptop is almost unusable. It is, therefore, necessary to repair it as soon as possible. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to fix a laptop keyboard that is not working. You can try to shot the problem yourself before you need to take the laptop for technical service.

It is authoritative to have a keyboard to be able to apply some of these solutions that conflict with your problem. However, since the laptop’s keyboard has nothing to do with the touchpad, it will likely work. It is recommended that you briefly plug an external USB keyboard into the computer until you find the solution.

If you don’t have that option, don’t despair, as Windows has a built-in utility that we can use to solve the problem.

Windows 10 onscreen keyboard

As mentioned earlier, Windows includes a keyboard that you can click with the mouse. To access it, you need to click on Start and go to Windows Accessibility, where you can select the on-screen keyboard.

This will bring up an on-screen keyboard where you can directly press the keys with the mouse. It’s not the most convenient thing in the world, but to avoid the hassle when you can’t connect an external keyboard, it’s worth it.

With that explained, let’s see how you can fix the problem.

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When the laptop keyboard is not working due to software

Check Windows components

There is a good chance the laptop keyboard is not working due to software. Because of this, the first thing you need to do is make sure that all Windows components are correct. To do this, you need to open a command prompt window as an administrator. To do it, first right-click the Start button and select Command Prompt (Administrator).

After opening the window, run the following command immediately: sfc / scannow

Scan now

This will check all Windows components. Later (when you are done), you will need to restart your computer.

Reinstall the keyboard driver

If that doesn’t solve the problem, the next thing to do is reinstall the keyboard driver. To do it, first you must go to the Device Manager, which can be accessed by right-clicking the Start button and selecting “Device Manager”. Look for a device named Standard PS / 2 Keyboard or Standard PS / 2 Keyboard in the section. You have to correct click on it and select Uninstall.

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Uninstall keyboard – laptop keyboard not working

Then restart the laptop, and the next time you start Windows, Windows will automatically reinstall the driver. Otherwise, you recommend that you go back to Device Manager and uninstall everything that appears on keyboards.

You have already seen what you can do to fix the software problem, and if nothing works, the problem is likely with the hardware. First make sure that the problem is that you need to turn on the laptop and press the appropriate SUPR, F2, F8 or F12 key to enter the BIOS when you turn it off.

If the laptop enters BIOS, the keyboards is working fine, and you may need to format the computer. It is unresponsive, continue to the next section as the issue is most likely hardware related.

If the laptop keyboard does not work, there is a problem with the hardware

If you are sure that the problem is with the hardware, but you are a bit crafty and daring, you need to “dump” the laptop. Remove the screws and open the bottom cover. It would help if you located the keyboards connector. Unfortunately, this depends on each manufacturer, so you won’t be able to view general cases that can help you.

The connection looks like this.


The first object you need to do is disconnect it (carefully, usually push in with a flat head screwdriver), check that the cable and connector are not dirty, and then plug them back in. Of course, check this before the connector is damaged.

If the keyboards still does not work, we fear that you will have to change it or take it to technical service.

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