Here’s How To Find And Add A Steam Friend Code In Three Different Ways

steam frnd code

steam frnd code

Since Steam lets you put your username on almost anything, it isn’t easy to make friends when discussing names with others. Therefore At that time, you can use a friend code to find them. This MiniTool article explains how to find and add a Steam Friend Code.

Therefore In some games, if you entered a random lobby, you are playing with strangers. What you do if you want to play with them again? You’ll need to find the Steam friend code to add them, and then you can play with them again.

Adding friends on Steam also means you can invite people you know to play online, team up with friends in multiplayer games and freebies, and make text and voice call on your computer or phone.

Let’s see how to find Steam Friend Code.

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How to find your Steam Friend Code

Step 1: Search for the official Steam website. Then click on Connection.

Step 2: Enter the name and password of your Steam account and click the Connect button.

Step 3: Then click on the FRIENDS option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select the Add Friend selection from the list of options on the left side.

Step 5: Your Steam Friend Code will be displayed now.

Step 6: Now click the COPY button, and the code can be used to send to your friend.

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How to add  Steam Friend Code

Let’s see the usage of Steam Add Friend. There are three options available.

Way 1: Send the friend code directly

Step 1: Search for the official Steam website and select Friends.

Step 2: Choose Add Friend from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Steam offers two sharing options. First of all, you can send the generated friend code to your friends as you want.

Step 4: In fact After receiving it, go to the same page and copy and paste the code into the text box. A pop-up window will open with your friend’s username. Click the blue Send Invite button to add it.

Step 5: If they accept the invitation, you gets add to each other’s friends list.

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Way 2: Submit the link

In general on the same page, Steam also generates a link that you can send to anyone. When someone clicks on it, it is added to your friends’ list. Note that the link will expire in 30 days and can only be used once.

Way 3: See his profile

In many multiplayer games, you can open a person’s profile simply by clicking on their name. Even if your access is not convenient, you can search for their username to find the same account as the avatar you see in-game. After you’ve entered your profile, just click the Add Friend button on the right.

last words

In summary, this article has shown how to find and add a Steam Friend Code. Infact If you want to see and add Steam Friend Code, you can try these solutions. If you have any other ideas about the Steam Friend Code, please share them in the comments section.

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