One of the best things about Discord Spoiler is that it helps build communities of like-minded people or just people with common interests. We love most like people with whom we share interests is chatting over YouTube videos, television, movies, games, books, comics. etc. that we enjoy the most – but this can be a spoiler minefield!

The last thing most of us want is for us to have the main plot points or the ending of something spoiled for us before we have a chance to enjoy it but on a platform like Discord. With its text channels with many possible members, there is a good chance someone will do this. not having seen/read/heard what you and your friends are talking about; If you scroll innocently, you can’t avoid seeing it. Don’t be such a fool! Use a spoiler tag!

When you add spoiler tags to your posts and images, formatting is applied that hides them from all users in the channel unless they choose to click them. At this point, if they do that and ruin something for themselves, the fault is on them – they can rest in the knowledge that they did the right thing!

Follow the steps below to add spoiler tags to your posts and images in Discord.

Using Spoiler Tags on Discord

On a computer

In a thread, highlight the specific part of the post you want to mark as a spoiler.

Right-click on it and choose “Mark as Spoiler”.

Submit the message.

Spoiler text is now hidden with a black box.

Other methods (office only)

There are two other methods of dealing with spoilers on Discord using a computer.

Use Markdown Syntax – wrap text in bars || so || and they will appear as spoilers.

Use the / spoiler function in the – Add/spoiler dialogue box in front of each message to mark it as a spoiler

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On Android and iOS

This is a universal method for Discord Android and iOS apps.

Open a chat in the Discord app.

Wrap text in bars || Insert a spoiler || and they will appear as spoilers.

An alternative method (iOS only)

In the chat, highlight the message and long-press it.

Select the “Mark as spoiler” option.

To display a spoiler, click or tap on the spoiler box shown in black.

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How to spoil pictures in Discord

It is also possible to mark attachments such as an image or video as a spoiler on the Discord desktop client for Windows, macOS and Linux.

To add spoilers to Discord images, download the attachment and check the “Mark as Spoiler” box before clicking the “Download” button. During this time, you can mark a link as a spoiler regardless of the platform.



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