Working freelance or alone is one of the tremendous personal projects – professional among many. And it does so, although, in principle, it costs a little more or even less than working on the payroll for someone else. The reality is that independence gives you several benefits if you try. It’s difficult to leave in the first place, and as a star, it’s “freedom”.

When you work as a freelancer, you own your schedule; you organize your time; you choose when to work and when to rest.

What concerns us today is something completely different. One of the biggest challenges when you are independent and independent, is finding clients and projects to take on. That said, selling your service becomes your top priority. The big question, however, is how to develop a career as a freelance tech writer. When do you start?

What does “freelance” mean?

According to the Wiki, the freelance or consultant (or freelance) is referred to as the person whose job is to perform the work of his profession, business or profession independently for third parties who need their services. for specific tasks which are generally reimbursed for them, Remuneration is not based on the time spent but on the result obtained, without the two parties being obliged to continue the employment relationship beyond the mission carried out. ”

How to start


The 1st step is to decide what to do. What field to work in, which will surely be accessible for those who are professionals or experts in specific areas. Once you have a business idea, you can take the next step.

Study the market:

A freelancer worker knows which area to work. It is essential to research the marketplace to see if your idea is viable or not waste time and money in vain.

Define the budget:

It is essential to know how much money is available to start the project.

Condition your office:

The self-employed must have their own office. It is ideal to have only one job, which is not always possible. If it is impossible to have a workspace, we even have to dedicate a corner of the house. It is essential to separate the work area from the rest of the house. As with any job, it is working from home requires you to spend several hours a day in the same room (office). It is, therefore, essential to optimally prepare this environment to feel comfortable. There are the basics that any office needs: a work table, an ergonomic chair that protects your back, a computer, an internet connection, shelves and drawers to organize materials, etc. Furniture and work items depend on the profession.

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Define goals:

Goals and targets serve as a compass that leads you to success. It can be easier for those who work in a company to know the goals and clearly define them. However, this can be tricky for a freelancer writer. Setting goals will help you stay motivated and move in the right direction.

Study the competition:

It is advisable to analyze the competition. Competition does not mean that the self-employed person has to copy what the competition is doing. It would help if you stood out for your original ideas and differences. However, to overcome the competition and be the best, one has to know who the competitors are and what they are doing to be able to bid more and better.

Benefits of self-employment


Self-employed workers enjoy greater autonomy as they do not have a boss to make statements and have more freedom to make their own decisions.

Temporal flexibility:

As bosses, self-employed people don’t have to stick to schedules or rules and can organize and manage their time as they see fit.

The balance between family and professional life:

By managing their time and schedule as they see fit, freelancer can organize themselves to spend more time with family and loved ones.


The self-employed enjoy greater physical comfort because they can choose their own space and which Furniture works. You can create a comfortable and suitable environment in which to work as you wish.

That saves time:

The self-employed can work from home, saving time when they move to an office. There are traffic jams in all major cities, especially during rush hour. In some places, traffic jams are so overwhelming that some companies require their employees to work from home. In the most populous city in South America, 7.5 million vehicles are mobilized every day and people lose 3 to 4 hours in traffic jams every day.


Self-employed people don’t save every day in an office. They save gas and public transport.

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The disadvantages of self-employment

Difficulties in separating private and professional life:

Self-employment from home can create separation problems between family and work, as in some cases, the workspace is the same as that for rest and leisure with family and friends.


The self-employed do not like the office’s little joys, like the typical chatting next to the coffee machine with colleagues, which implies the possibility of feeling alone and the need to exchange experiences and break with them.


Working from home will distract you, be careful not to watch TV, take a nap, or do chores as it affects productivity.


Those who work in an office know they have a specific work schedule and can go home and relax when their check-out time arrives. However, the self-employed person has neither a boss nor a defined working schedule. While this can be an advantage, it is also a risk in the sense that you can overwork yourself. In the absence of rules, the freelancer can fall into the mistake of taking on more jobs than he can handle.

Lack of motivation:

Suppose the self-employed person does not have a boss to encourage them or an organizational structure to support their ideas and projects. In that case, they may experience a lack of motivation that drastically reduces their productivity and desire to do things right.

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