Most Useful Google Assistant Commands


By introducing smart speakers, we can take full advantage of the major manufacturers’ voice assistants using Google commands. It is a fact that Alexa and Google Assistant are the main dominators of this sector in our country. Do you have a Google homepage? Don’t miss these five voice commands to get more out of it.
And the possibilities offered by the smart speaker are diverse. No, asking about the weather in your city is one of the most common things, but Google Home hides several cool options that you can customize and improve.

The best voice commands for Google Home

Another great benefit of this compilation is that the voice commands that will help you get the most out of Google Home can be used with the Google Assistant on mobile phones. Even if you don’t have the American giant’s built-in smart speaker, you can still benefit from these features.

Ask Google Home to set an alarm

One of the most useful functions that you can ask of your speakerphone is to set an alarm. Yes, you are lying on the couch, just reminding yourself that you have to get up early to see the doctor. Set the morning alarm to XXX as easily as using your voice command. “Replace XXX with time it takes you to get up, and Google Home will take care of everything.”

Use your smart speaker to watch video clips

You can also turn your smart speaker into a remote control. Yes, Google Home can insert your favorite songs, but you can also place video clips right on any device. All you have to say is “put XXXX on TV” and replace XXXX with the name of the song you want to watch. You can enjoy your favorite tracks on YouTube.

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Need to study Use Google Home to focus

Another of the coolest features is the ability to turn on white noise, ideal for studying or relaxing. All you have to do is say “let me hear the rain” or “let me hear the storm”, and it will happen automatically for an hour.

Change the name by which the speaker recognizes you

Another of the coolest features to get the most out of your smart speaker is changing the name Google Home uses to identify you. Use in series the name that appears in your associated account. However, you can easily change it. All you have to do is say the command “From now on, call XXX” and replace XXX with the name I am to use with you.

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Add ideal reminders when cooking

Times are very important in the kitchen. For this reason, Google Home is the ideal solution for your kitchen. And say, “Remember, I’m going to put out fire in 5 minutes,” . You can use it in hundreds of situations. Like reminded to drop off the trash at 10 a.m., or that there is a specific time, you need to do certain healings.

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