Thinking of Quitting Your Landline?


With so much new technology out there, it’s probably time to update your traditional landline phone. There are several different options, depending on your needs and wants. Here you can consider a few of the best alternatives to a landline phone.

Mobile Cell Phones

One of the first options that come to mind is cell phones. So many people have moved from a landline to a personal cell phone in the past few years.

Some of the reasons mobile phones have become so popular is because they can do almost anything. They’re portable. They’re lightweight. You can surf the internet and talk and text. Not a bad deal, right?

They still have a few setbacks. Occasionally, you lose service depending on the area you go into, and good, clear call quality depends significantly on your carrier and your signal.

International calls and even data can get pricey with a mobile phone, and it’s too easy to rack up a long, expensive list of charges if you’re not careful.

VoIP Phones

Another option, and possibly one of the best alternatives, is to switch to VoIP phone service. VoIP uses broadband internet to digitize phone calls and send them to recipients pretty much anywhere. Typically these are lower cost than landlines and sometimes even than cell phone service. They also include both traditional landline features and additional features like call forwarding. They’re also easy to set up.

The disadvantage to these is that if the power goes out or the internet is down, then phone calls won’t be able to make it through unless you have a battery backup. These typically range from $45 to $200, so it’s not a bad deal.

Browsing the internet for VoIP line information, many times emergency services are mentioned as a downside of VoIP service, but there are companies out there that do offer 911 calls through their service.

Sticking With Your Landline

Landlines aren’t entirely gone and out-of-date. In fact, many companies that previously offered landlines services have actually switched from using the traditional copper cable system to offering landline services using internet technology.

What to Choose?

So, what is the best alternative to traditional telephone service? That depends entirely on your needs and budget. Only you can decide what is right for you. It never hurts to look into what services are available in your area, give them a call and discuss their recommendations for your situation.

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