Definition & Elements Of Search Verticals

Definition & Elements Of Search Verticals

Definition & Elements Of Search Verticals

Although they emerged at about the same time as Internet search engines, search verticals are still largely unknown to the general public.

Anyway, the truth is that this concept refers to the different search areas that are present in search engines (e.g. ” books “, “news”, ” images “, or “web” in the case of Google). Although the results are most commonly in text format, they can also include images, messages, or videos. This facility offers many possibilities to optimize websites or SEO, although few experts work with elements other than text. It is a mistake as it leads to overlooked tools that can help improve organic traffic.

The reason that pushed the Californian giant to innovate in this regard was the habits of users who do not refine their search results (by pressing the buttons available in the search engine itself: “News”, “Images”, etc.).

In any case, the impact of the Google Effect opened up a new way of understanding SEO that would impact other non-text formats. In the following lines, guidelines for working with them.

SEO for companies

It applies SEO in your online marketing strategy.

Strategies for optimizing images

Although image optimization is not always practical, it does not require much effort, so it is worth betting on it. That gives the website a ranking advantage in search results.

A crucial part of image SEO is consistency in creating content for the website. Search engines rank an image better on a website with a specific theme. For example, if it’s a photo of a bridge on a website that has that word in the title, subtitles, and content, it increases the likelihood that Google will rank you well in its search results. Research related to bridges.

Other good practices can also contribute to this end. They are:

  • Paste the keyword or keyword in the image file.
  • Make sure the keyword appears in the alt text attribute, as Google considers this factor.
  • Use high-quality images to make them easy to see when indexed by the search engine as thumbnails. For this, we recommend that you opt for pictures with good contrast.
  • Make sure the robots.txt document allows search engines to access images on the web.
  • If you have the right to reproduce the images, authorize other users to use them, provided that they mention the website from which they come.

Videos on SEO strategy

The other items that should not be familiar are videos. Vertical videos are increasing due to several aspects, such as B. the widespread use of high-speed lines has led to a growing demand for video. Hence, it comes in handy to include them in any SEO strategy.

As with images, search engines still can’t see the content of a video the way a human would. Search engines try to discover it through the elements surrounding it, such as B. Meta Description – Text that briefly describes your content. The links you receive or the anchor text of those links (i.e. the text that users click on).

However, there are some nuances to what search engines can see in video content. For example, we must not lose sight of the fact that they can recognize adult content, identify the faces of specific people or even recognize text. In any case, the truth is that these caveats cannot be careful when optimizing a video.

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