Some Tricks and Hacks For iPad mini User



Not everyone wants to write those long messages and emails; some want to make it easy, and it can be done with the help of advanced technological features. Leave the old writing style behind and activate the on-screen keyboard of the iPad mini now. All you have to do is dictate what you want to write, and it will appear on the screen. To do this, however, you need to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. A microphone button will appear in the bottom row of the virtual keyboard.

How to take a screenshot

The iPad mini takes the screenshot very quickly. Instantaneously press the power button and the home button and release them together. You will notice a white flash on the screen. The moment on the screen indicates that the screen image has been saved in the image gallery like other images.

Disable keyboard clicks

Clicking on the keyboard of Apple products is the most annoying feature you’ll notice, especially when using public transport. You can turn it off by going through Settings, then Sounds.

Connect to a VPN

If a VPN is available near you, your iPad mini can connect to it. Here’s how you can do it. Go to Settings, click General, then VPN and fill in the relevant details. You can also get the Avast sertraline VPN license key from many websites.

Share the keyboard

You can play smartly with your keyboard and do smart things. Have you tried splitting the keyboard in half? Splitting the keyboard in half allows you to use your thumb with both hands and type easily and comfortably.

Sync Facebook contacts and events

You need to login into all of your social networks, whether they are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Go to settings, and you will have the option to import birthdays and events in the Calendar app and all details in contacts.

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Set the password in iPad mini

The iPad doesn’t offer a lot of security options. However, you can protect your personal information by setting a code that asks you to provide a four-digit code. To arrange a password, you need to go to Settings, then General, click on Password Lock. Now set the desired password, which you will easily remember.

They can also have the iPad ready for you!

You can able it by going through Settings, clicking General, and then switching to Accessibility. Please scroll down and click on the language selector and click on it to enable it.

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Activate the emoji keyboard

It’s no fun without the emoji keyboard. It will help you insert all kinds of fun emoticons, including unicorns, tacos, and even the meanest facial expressions.

You need to go to the parameters, click on General, select International and then click on the keyboard. Now tap on Add Keyboard, and you will find Emoji. Next to the space bar, you will find a small globe symbol. Now you can switch between an emoji keyboard and a regular keyboard anytime you need.

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Manage storage on your iPad

Since an iPhone’s memory is not expandable, you have to be careful that something unwanted does not take up space. If the memory is full, you will enable to download an app or take a single photo.

Go to Settings and select General. Now click on iPad Storage. Within seconds, the iPhone lists the apps that are taking up storage space.

The screen also displays application usage. It will give you a firm idea of ​​which app you use the most and which you use the least. You can also remove the ones you use the least and create some space for yourself.

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