Month: March 2021

How to wave on Facebook Messenger?

A few years ago, Facebook Messenger added a wave button. With the wave option, you can virtually greet someone who has been added to their friend’s list on Facebook Messenger. A waving hand is a substitute for “hello” or “hello” when you start interacting with a new friend or contact. Although some people find the […]

What are system interruptions, and how can they be fixed?

Have you encountered a program called System Interrupts on your device manager? Does this show high CPU usage on your system? Many Windows users have reported that system interrupts occur when CPU usage is high. This guide will help you understand what system interrupts are and how to fix system interrupts with high CPU usage […]

EasyAntiCheat.exe on your computer?

What is EasyAntiCheat.exe? Is there a process called EasyAntiCheat.exe in Task Manager? What’s this? The actual EasyAntiCheat.exe file is a software component of Easy Anti-Cheat. Be aware, however, that some malware disguises itself as EasyAntiCheat.exe. Easy Anti-Cheat is a tool developed by Kamu (founded in 2006 by a group of teenagers) to monitor your computer […]

Which Allocation Unit Size Is Best for Drive Formatting

When you format a hard drive, you can choose the Allocation Unit Size, among other things. Most people leave it at the recommended default setting and get on with their lives. However, have you wondered what effect changing the size of that number would have? Is the standard number best for your needs? Let’s see […]

How to Fix Your Mouse Button When It’s Not Working

The middle mouse button has several uses. Scrolling is the middle mouse button’s primary purpose, but it can also be used as a shortcut to open a new window and do various other things. When the middle mouse button stops working, it can be a frustrating problem. Several things can cause middle mouse button issues. […]

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