IIRC Meaning and How Do You Use It?

IIRC Meaning and How Do You Use It?

IIRC Meaning and How Do You Use It?

You’ve come to the right site if you frequently see “IIRC” online and wonder what it implies. We’ll explain what it means, how it originated, and how you can utilize it. In this article we will let you know more about IIRC Meaning and How Do You Use It?

Meaning of “IIRC”

If I recall right or if I remember correctly is what “IIRC” stands for internet. Likewise, you would like to meet in person. You can use it to be amusingly sarcastic when answering questions or correcting others.

Even when someone does recall something precisely, they use the phrase IIRC to lighten up a conversation.

IIRC can also be used to inject a little bit of snark or irony into a statement. This frequently happens on social media platforms like Reddit or Twitter, where users like coming up with original ways to belittle others.

However, there are instances in which a person might utilize IIRC when he is genuinely unsure of anything. When people lack time to confirm their understanding, this may occur. In a chat room, for instance, you might respond to a query with “You can get a green iPhone 11, IIRC,” or something like such. You may be confident that Apple sells a green iPhone 11, but you won’t check to make sure.


The girl holds her index fingers to her temples while her eyes are closed.

Despite being used for hundreds of years, “if I recollect correctly” and “if I remember correctly” still mean the same thing. In print, when a writer’s meaning isn’t always obvious, they’ve always provided a practical means to add politeness, modesty, sarcasm, or unsureness to a statement.

It’s not surprising that IIRC sprang to prominence online in the 1990s. People required a quick, simple way to express feelings like modesty or snark over IRC because it was so popular then. Given that its meaning is derived from a common phrase, IIRC was a straightforward answer. It is comparable to the acronyms TBH and FWIW in that regard.

Even if it isn’t the most prevalent phrase on the internet, IIRC has always been well-liked. Even today, it’s a frequently used acronym, especially on websites like Reddit, Slack, and Discord.

Why Should I Use IIRC?

IIRC is user-friendly. Because it’s a direct shorthand, it uses the same grammar as “if I recall properly.” Only context needs to be taken into consideration.

As mentioned, you can use IIRC to add courtesy, sarcasm, or ambiguity to a sentence. Depending on the situation, your intent will vary depending on the type of discussion you’re having, who you’re speaking to, and what you’re talking about.

Say your manager proposes you leave work after the lunch rush if you work at a burger restaurant. It might be appropriate to inform your coworkers that “IIRC, the boss wants me to go home now” in this circumstance. Of course, unless you want to be impolite, you wouldn’t want to say this to a customer seeking assistance.

In the future, if you decide to use IIRC, you’ll discover that it’s widely used and that most people understand what you mean. Just be mindful of the situation, and IIRC will be helpful whenever someone asks you what FWIW means.

Other well-known initialisms based on actual phrases include TBH and FWIW, which can be valuable to your online vocabulary. IIRC is just one of these.

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