How to secure your Stardew Valley game stores?

Star Dew valley

Star Dew valley

stardew valley save location. Stardew Valley, the indie farming simulation RPG, is the type of gamer who becomes very attached to them after spending a lot of time on their farms, building relationships with characters and improving their skills. Let’s see how to save your game so your farm is always safe safely.

Before we get into the facts of how to save your game manually, we’d like to highlight an important point about how Stardew Valley keeps your game. Stardew Valley doesn’t use an incremental storage system as Skyrim does. It has a unique storage space, like an old school Nintendo game. Every time you fold the game, your old location will be replaced with the new site.

Three Types Of Game Save Backups:

If this one-time storage erases, corrupts, or made illegibly, you are out of luck. With that in mind, there are three types of game rescues that a Stardew Valley gamer should be concerned about based on their needs and style of play:

  1. A backup of your current game, so you don’t lose your progress if you have a computer problem
  2. Incremental saves of your game when you want to take a “snapshot” of your progress, possibly to return to a point where it was used up
  3. A backup before changing game files or introducing game mods to make sure lousy mod work doesn’t set your farm on fire.

While you don’t want the option of going back or messing around with mods, it’s essential to have a backup of your game, so you don’t lose all of your progress. Stardew Valley is the type of game that you invest a lot of time in – it takes around 26 hours in real-time to go through the first game of the year.

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Buy Game from Steam:

If you bought a game through Steam (I did not manually disable Steam Cloud file saving), every time you exit the game while your computer is online, a new copy of the save will be saved. On the downloaded Steam server. Players who have purchased and played the game outside of Steam without activating it on Steam, or Steam players who wish to implement multiple saves, will need to save their game saves manually.

To manually back up your Stardew Valley game saves, you must first locate the game save directory on your PC. Regardless of your OS, all Stardew Valley game saves have the same structure: a folder with a few XML files (and in fact, you can easily move your game memories between different operating systems). This game storage folder can be found in the following locations in different operating systems:

  1. Windows: C: User [USERNAME] App Data Roaming Stardew Valley Backup
  2. macOS: /Users/→USERNAME◄/.config/Stardew Valley / Backup
  3. Linux: ~ / .config / Stardew Valley / Saves /

Windows users can directly access the folder by adding % App Data% Stardew Valley Save to the Run section and pressing Enter. Within the folder, you will find a subfolder for each of your Stardew Valley characters (if you only have one character, there will only be one folder).

Each character’s folder is something like Charactername_XXXXXXXXX. While the X is a seemingly random number, it represents seconds after the game’s release date (June 22, 2012, where the character was create).

How to Save Your Stardew Valley Game(stardew valley save location):

All you do is back up the entire folder as you wish. Copy it to a flash drive for safe storage, schedule regular incremental backups with your favourite backup app, and more. – and not only do you always have a backup that you can rely on but if you regularly back up “revisions” of your game, you can fall back on it.

Not only can you back up things to keep them safe, but you can also take advantage of an undocumented tip. If you make a copy of the characters save folder with a slightly different name but leave it in the same directory, you will see multiple keep games in the game (just with varying times of play).

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How to secure your Stardew Valley game stores:

If we load the actual game and open the save selection screen, you’ll see that two copies of the game are lists with two different progress points (as it  indicates by the hours play each time the game saves and the day of the game Year of the game.

How to Save Your Stardew Valley Game(stardew valley save location):

While most people will play their game right away, this trick allows you to create a fallback point or even play two timelines where your character’s timeline deviates at a problematic point in-game.

Irrespective of your motivation for backing up your game, in the event of a modding disaster or hard drive failure, your masterpiece will always be safe as long as you do.

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