The Lickable Screen Could Become a Reality Soon, Try The Flavors Of The World

lickable screen

lickable screen

How many of you have been waiting for a technological improvement(lickable screen)that will allow us not only to see and hear things on the Internet but to try them too? It assumes that almost everyone would want us to hit this exact time in the future, especially during these COVID times. And to offer good news, a team from Meiji University in Japan design an adorable screen. And that sounds too good to be true.

What is norimaki synthesizer(Lickable Screen)?

While it won’t fill you up or help you enjoy a meal on the Internet. Tt makes someone believe they are eating something like cake or sushi. This leak filter is called as norimaki synthesizer. It uses five different electrolyte gels that correspond to five universal flavors that a tongue can distinguish: sour, bitter, salty, sweet and salty, or umami.

The whole device sounds excellent so far. As with all other large engineering prototypes, however, some may be different (for lack of a better word). To use this device, the user has to place their tongue at the edge of the device. A few completely harmless electrical charges are released from the device, increasing or decreasing to simulate a specific type of taste. These manufacturers of this device stated that it used to enjoy virtual meals with your friends and family, and best of all, it will not make you gain the weight that comes with it. Therefore, it also uses as a weight management tool.

According to the team, they first compared the manipulation of taste perception to the perception of images on a monitor. They then used a similar model to replicate the technology of the leaky display device. So when we see an image on a monitor or other device. Then they see things in a series of blinking red, green, and blue pixels with different combinations and intensities.

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How was it made and how to use norimaki synthesizer ?

The developer of the device, Homei Miyashita, mentions that the Norimaki synthesizer comprises five different colored gels. They were made from agar, a gelatinous substance. These color-coded gels have the five primary tastes listed above. Pressing the device against the tongue activates all gels and then creates the flavor for which the user is looking.

So far, the device has perfectly captured the taste of gummy bears and sushi. However, the team believes it can capture many more flavors from different parts of the world in the times to come. Even the size of this leak shield – the Norimaki synthesizer – is currently a bit cumbersome and certainly not entirely ready for the mass market.

With some advancement in the future, we could get our hands on the product and even move it around.

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